A Few Words For My Daughter

I have been wanting to write this post for a while now, it just must have slipped my mind though. After reading Lisa Jo Bakers book a few months back, I went on her website seeking a bit of inspiration for thought and she had a lovely post about 100 things she would like to teach her daughter, I did a quick skim read of it all and I knew I just had to do a post just like it.

Finding out that we are expecting a girl was indeed a shock for me. I was full expecting a boy, just because there is nothing but boys on both of our sides of the family and in my mind a boy would be easier, but when she told us it was a girl I was just in awe, shock if you will call it. I did not know what to do with myself, I honestly don’t know where to start, how to raise her with a pure heart, and how to keep her on a godly path and to have a bonding friendship that will last forever. These are my fears perhaps, but a trusting, faith-filled friendship with her and all of our future children is so important to me, I want them to know that they can come to me for anything and know that I am here for them no matter what. I want that Gilmore Girls, 90’s, solid rock, best friend’s forever relationship with her. I want to be her everything, her best friend, her shoulder to cry on, the whole package. I don’t want to be just her mother, who scolds her, who gives her advice even when she doesn’t want it, makes her do chores, fails on promises I said a few months ago, I don’t want to be that person that fails my daughter. I want to encourage her, challenger her to be all that she can be and uplift her in life & faith. I want to be an example to her, for her to look up to me, to us and our marriage. Portraying love and marriage to her is another significant thing, I want her to know that love is real, I want her to look at our marriage with so much hope, faith and love. I want her to know that fairy tale endings are all true and true love exists in this world. I want her to not be afraid of shadows, the unexpected and mistakes. I just want to be her guide and I want to do it all right.

So I thought I would write a few things that I would love to teach her throughout this lifetime and maybe even a few promises. Some of them I will “borrow” from Lisa Jo Baker’s post (all her words will have LJB at the end) and I will post that here as well, just because even I am unsure if I can think of 100 things to teach my daughter. But I hope that one day my daughter will read this and know that the honest truths of my heart and all that I can hope for her.

There is nothing in this world that you can do that will ever stop my love for you overflowing.

You can be anything you want, you can do anything you want to do just as long as you do with your whole heart unwavering

Boys will break your heart, sometimes for the better. Trust me it will all make you a stronger person.

You will make mistakes in this lifetime, best thing you can do is learn from it and never forget it.

Never stop dreaming your dreams, small or big they all matter and will define you.

If you ever have money and don’t know what to do with it, always invest in a good book OR a good investment is a well-loved book

True love and happy ever after endings do exist.

If ever someone be-littles, tries to make you see yourself less, makes fun of you or is just plain mean to you,  know that you are a strong, mighty daughter of Christ and are nothing but a conquering warrior with a sword of faith and hope.

If I ever break a promise, ever. Please let me know that I did and I will make it up to you in a heartbeat.

If I ever forget traditions that we do together, again please tell me and I will do everything in my power to make them stick.

I was excited for your wedding day the day I found out I was expecting a girl.

I promise to take you to an antique bookstore once a week, for you to pick out any book your heart desires & then go on a coffee breakfast date with you.

God will give you challenges throughout this life time, it may seem like you are alone, scared, beaten down and things won’t ever be perfect but it’s all a test of faith and one day he will answer your prays and all of the horrible, bad things that happened will all be a distant memory.

You are never ever alone, God is always with you.

God values you so much more than you could ever understand and so do I.

Some people, you can never count on or trust in this world, it will happen and it will hurt but the better kinds of people will come after them.

You will make and break friendships. It is all a learning curve

Different friends and people coming into your life at different seasons or at different peaks in your journey. Some of them stick around for the long haul, others fail to do so. Hold onto the ones that uplift you and encourage you and be rid of the ones that drag you down and defeat you.

It is okay to be afraid of the dark. Mummy is and always will be.

Thunderstorms can get you in the house and always hide from lightning. Again Mummy does and is not ashamed of it.

Save every little or big animal that you see in need of your help. Nurture them, be kind to them and give them love. They are all thankful for it and so is God.

Be a kind-hearted, daughter of God. Uplift those around you who are being defeated, stand guard for the less fortunate and always wear your heart on your sleeve.

It is possible to worship God in any setting, simply by walking along the beach or sitting on top a mountain.

Don’t be fooled by this world’s way of telling you that you have to do everything humanly possible and normal to be successful.

It will take you sometime to discover who you are, your strength and weaknesses and what is your path and purpose in this life time.

Always make time for Church and God, no matter what build that strong habit from the beginning.

Always be growing your mind, wisdom and heart whether that be with books, artistic dreams or anything else.

It is okay to fall in love with fictional characters.

It is okay to fall in love more than once but you will know which love is honest.

Weddings are expensive, if you can, elope in the Scottish Highlands and your parents will love you for it.

Always capture the memories/moments, with a camera, a journal entry or just a thought.

Never forget the good things or the bad things that happen, it is all life defining.

The world can be a dark, scary place but there is always good in the shadows.

Always believe in yourself, no matter what people tell you or what.

Peter Pan, fairies, Neverland. IT’S ALL REAL.

The moon can be just as beautiful and endearing as the daylight sun.

Don’t be afraid to look up at the stars, there is so much up there that even I have yet to unfold. 

In finding a life partner, male or female, always make sure they are a soldier of God, on fire for everything that He is, bold in their faith and understanding, steadfast with love and honour and an encourager that will challenge you to be all that you can be and more.

Guard your heart, it is such a fragile little thing and people will break it, walk all over it and it will never be the same.

Look after your body, eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.

Cook, organise, clean and decorate because you love it. Not because someone tells you to. (LJB)

Music makes everything better and singing will always make you happy. Always sing, no matter how loud, no matter who is around or how good/bad your talent is.

No prayer is insignificant, God hears everything from the deepest pockets of your heart and He holds them dear.

Cherish your name, it holds so much meaning for us and for you (LJB)

Blue eyes really do melt hearts and bad boys will always be attractive. (LJB & Me)

As hard as it might be and trust me it’s hard, do not gossip or say anything rude about people you do not understand or even like.

Saying sorry first is a sign of strength, not weaknesses (LJB)

Marriage is the greatest adventure ever, it is filled with joy, laughter, struggles and hard times. Make sure you find the one who finds humour in everything, encourages you to be just you and always comes home with flowers and chocolate.

Making love with your spouse is a beautiful thing. Trust me, you will want to hold onto everything pure and good in this world and your body is the perfect thing. Cherish yourself and you will thank me.

Never give your whole heart and body to just anyone.

Travel, find time to discover all the world holds out there for you.

Daddy will be the one helping you will your math homework (LJB, but always this is so true)

If it makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it, wear or say it (LJB)

Learn at least one other language (LJB)

Bad haircuts will grow out, eventually (LJB)

The painful truth is always easier than the messy lie (LJB)

Womanhood is a wonderful gift (LJB)


So that is all I can think of, I know I will probably add things to it and change it but I am so glad I did this and wrote it all out. It really makes me value her so much deeper and I hope she loves it all. I really hope I can encourage Benjamin to write a post like this, it would be so sweet to see what he wants for her and the wisdom he wants to give her.