36 Week Update

Benjamin was the one to encourage me to do a bump-date for this week, although I do feel like nothing new has really happened from the last and that as time trots on I find myself becoming quite lazy, sleepy & just relaxed enough to do nothing these days. 

So yes 36 weeks! So crazy to think that next week I will be considered full term and that Little Viking could arrive at any moment and we all want that to be the exact moment I am typing this because we just can't wait any longer till we meet her! We did not have an appointment this week which I thought was rather odd for the Dr not to suggest one for this week, especially since it is getting so close and everything. I was a bit off on Tuesday just because we did not have an appointment booked and honestly my brain is over-analyzing almost every single twinge my body throws at me (paranoia). We do have an appointment tomorrow with an anesthetist which our Dr recommended us to book just to know our options and also on the weekend we have that breastfeeding class which I am not looking forward to at all really, it was just so forced upon us and I just am dreaded the whole "school vibe" of it (the whole "let's go around the room & being put on the stop in front of everyone") I am not sure if it will be like that but I sincerely hope it is not because I don't really like the idea of other people telling me how I should breastfeed my baby, I just want to figure it all out on my own and learn from my own mistakes and gain my own rewards thank you very much.

Also pretty damn sure I have decided against getting cervical checks being done although they did not do one at my last appointment or even mention it at all (she did feel baby and bloody heck she was so rough with making my belly into the best kneaded bread of her life that she left me with whopping cramps for the entire morning). On my birth plan I state I don't want any cervical checks or anything like that, I just want things to progress naturally and I do not want to be riding on numbers or rates or relying on them on how labor is going etc. I just want things to happen when they happen and depend on my body to tell me how things are going instead of somebodies hands all up in me. So yes, I am against cervical checks for that reason and also the risk of infection when being checked and of my waters breaking. Let's just let things happen the way they are supposed to people. 

Over the weekend we ventured to Eagle View Escape for a little bit of a babymoon/business stay, heck I love it up there, we both do, it is just so relaxing and so beautiful. I finally got to use some Lush products & enjoy in multiple baths which was amazing!! Although getting in and out of the bath was quite comical at times. We slept with the blinds and doors open on both nights and the moonlight was forever bright the entire time and we could see the valley, it was just spectacular. I kept joking that I would be so relaxed that labour would be closer than ever and the entire time we were there I was getting Braxton's on and off especially sitting up in bed, they have not stopped and I have noticed I am starting to get them even when I am lying down and sometimes they do wake me up at night which for me freaks me out because I have to take a second to realise what is even happening. I have been taking notice of them more, like I said every single twinge has my attention, so I know when the Braxton's are about to happen and holy heck my belly gets so damn tight! Every-time it happens Benjamin prays that my water will break or every-time I go to the toilet he is hoping for good news when I come back. Going to the toilet has started to get very scary for me, there is just so much pressure and I can feel her head like right there and sometimes I take forever to actually use the toilet because I am so afraid my waters will just pop right then and there and doing #2's are just horrendously horrible! I was all fine last week towards the end, everything slightly regular but now I am all backed up again (SOMEONE GET ME PRUNE JUICE) I just want my body to empty everything out so I know that labour is nearby!! Seriously this waiting is driving me insane! I find myself waking up a lot more in the night, sometimes because the Braxton's are so intense or I need to use the toilet asap or I am just thinking about everything and I am getting like no sleep really. I just want Little Viking to come out so I can adapt back into my old sleeping patterns and start working out like a crazy lady! And of course to bloody meet her already!!! 

Cravings this week would have to be salads, I am craving spinach again and luckily I have some in the fridge so I can make a yummy salad for lunch!,  for other cravings perhaps milk is another one and jam again but nothing way crazy or over the top. I have been freaking out about getting more cloth diapers for her (swear we need like so many more to satisfy my mind) they are a bit pricey and I know you are investing in them in the long term but I just want them all already so I can stop thinking about them! And I found a few adorable toys for little ones and for the pram so hopefully we can get those as well soon (no pressure Benjamin). Although am I the only one who wants to have cake after giving birth? I mean it is a birth-day right? A BIRTHDAY?! Why don't people have like parties for their newborns?! I for one want to break out cake & candles for sure (come to me cake!!) and I would love to get her something special. Wait does that mean we are all actually a year older because we missed our actual birthday on our birth-days? Or is this where I am the only one racking her brain over this?! Probably. It is probably just a me thing. 

Anyway so that it is for my 36 week bump-date! Here are a few sneak peeks from the little maternity session Benjamin did for me over the weekend! Which I can't wait to show you and also Little Viking's nursery reveal is coming very very soon!