30 | 31 Week Update

I honestly didn't think I would be doing a bump-date for these two weeks, just because nothing has really changed, but something new always comes up each week so alas I will do a short little update. 

So we had an appointment at the hospital yesterday, just a regular check-up and we got told we will get another ultrasound which is beyond amazing! They just want to check her growth and how she is doing but I am so excited to get to see her before she arrives! I could not even contain my excitement and grinned like a cat in the room. We also got told to book classes but I swear, they should really sign people up the moment they book their first appointment at the hospital and since when do the classes cost money?! I thought they are free at hospitals and especially for public patients, so we are just not sure if we will get into classes because they are 8 weeks long and she pretty much will be here in that time and less. And to be honest, what can I learn in the classes that I have not already googled a million times or have not read in one of my five baby books that I have studied? They midwife was stressing about the whole parenting side of the classes, which was a bit odd to me but wouldn't that all comes naturally anyways? And knowing my brain, I will probably forget everything they say or just find it repetitive? I do know I want to do the breastfeeding classes for sure but again I am sure they will have classes on after I give birth anyway. So yeah I am just not sure on the whole thing. Time is just running out is all. 

Symptoms  has been acid relux for days and horrible heartburn, these two are like best friends at the moment, always tag teaming my body. The heartburn is so painful and half the time I do not know if I am having a heart attack or am just about to die. It is seriously a bit creepy for me. Also I noticed I am getting out of breath quite quickly and if I do a massive day of shooting I am exhausted and my poor feet are just dead. So it is safe to say Little Viking is much bigger and pushing on all my organs, she really loves hanging out up high which I wonder if she will just stay in there longer instead of coming out! 

Cravings would have to be chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate anything really! I can't go into a grocery store without staring longingly at all the Easter eggs and everything, seriously would not come out of there with anything good if Benjamin gave me the reins on that. I would say jam is a little bit of a craving (SCONES) and cheesy things for sure. It seems to change a bit though depending. Sleeping is still horrendous and such a drag for me, but I have started having dreams again so I mean at least I am falling asleep deeper enough to do that, morning nightmares seems to be a big thing with me but I have not had any birth nightmares yet. 

So yeah that has been about it for 30/31 weeks, cannot believe I will be 32 this coming Saturday!!!! So crazy!!!!