28 Week Update | The Dreaded Glucose Test

This week I had to do the glucose tolerance test and for the past few weeks that I have known about it, it has not really been on my mind. It is just another one of those things I have to do for this pregnancy but up until the night before I was a little bit hesitant, only because I foolishly googled forums about them and scared myself silly. 

Now before I dwell into my experience with the test we had a little bit of a frustration with actually booking it. So we moved up to the Blue Mountains and luckily enough we have a pathology up here that does the test, so we called up and asked what we had to do for it and the receptionist that was working that day said 1: I did not need to fast 2: we did not need to book and appointment, we just had to walk in. So on the day of our choosing we dutifully woke up super early and went to the center, we walked in and took a number and waited our turn. The lady who called us up to the desk addressed us and we said that we wanted to do the glucose tolerance test, now this woman, I do not know if she was having a bad day or is just a horrible person but she basically blamed all of the mistakes on us, she says well you can't do that without an appointment and you can't do that without fasting, so we said we called up couple days ago and relayed what the receptionist said to us, she disregarded our words and basically was darn rude. Poor husband almost cracked it due to lack of coffee and her just being so unemotional towards us. 

So then we went home annoyed with all of that and we called up later to make a booking in a day or so. Now on the phone they said I had to fast and all of that (could of told us that before so we didn't waste a entire morning). Then the day of the actual appointment, I had fasted from 10pm at night (horrible for me, because I am miss snacky right now), we got to the appointment and of course that rude lady was the one that greets me first. So I told her I had an appointment for the test etc and the first thing she asks me is, is the appointment for today or tomorrow?. Honestly lady, why the heck would I be here right now if my appointment was for tomorrow, ARGH! she was just so rude and don't you have an appointment book to check all of this in. Anyway! I can't rant on about her all day, but luckily I did not get her for the test. Instead I got the sweetest girl who was about my age and she was very kind and reassuring to me, she explained the test and that I had to be there for 2 hours and get 3 blood tests done (superb). One thing about being pregnant is that you get so used to hospitals, doctors & especially needles, being scared of them since childhood I am slightly more used to them now although I cannot watch as its done. 

So the glucose tolerance test, I did not get to choose my flavor of drink so I got stuck with the lemonade one, it honestly did not smell like anything which made me so weary, I took my first sip and to me it just tasted like flat, thickish lemonade but after about three sips I started to dislike the taste and it just was so much syrupy blahness. (not real words I know) so I finished it and she was timing me for some reason and then she told me to wait for about 1 hour, just basically resting and relaxing which is a crucial part of it. I will say the time flew by but at this point I was in dire need of food and coffee. After an hour she took my blood for a second time that morning (first time was before I drank the drink), people just have a tough time finding my veins and she was using the tiniest needle in the center (thankfully I did not bruise as badly as I thought I would), so after that I had to wait for another hour. That passed quickly and my stomach was getting excited to eat something soon, and in no time I was in for the last needle of the day. Now I knew this one would be more painful just because she had already done the other needles in both of my arms so that was not going to be fun, I did feel like a child when it did hurt and tried to be brave but bloody heck that was enough to scare me away from needles for a bit. 

After the appointment I broke my fast with some famous scones (flowerpot scones to be exact) in Leura and then we ventured home after getting some groceries. Overall the experience was not horrendous as people make it out to be I think it was just hard dealing with it all being hungry and lacking in coffee. Aside from the glucose test, this week has not been easier than last week, heartburn & acid reflux at night is just the worse thing ever and I don't know which one is worse! But it is seriously the worst ever and especially bad when I can feel her upside down and her legs kicking me up higher, then the heartburn is just painful. Also she is just moving around and kicking like crazy, she just loves stretching out in there and does not keep her limbs to herself! It is so insane that she will be here in just under 10 more weeks! Freaky and exciting. We can't wait to meet her and I wonder if she will have a lot of hair or who she will look like. I can't wait! Also cravings this week have been spinach (Popeye be proud) and oats, I have never ever loved both of these things as much as I do now ever in my entire life, I literally wake up for warm oats now, its the strangest thing.