25 Week Update | Moving House

Towards the end of 2015, Benjamin and I were truly blessed by God in getting approved for our first rental place, literally we moved in a day before New Year’s Eve. Was it hard? A stretch? How did that affect me mentally and physically being pregnant? Well let’s just say this old body of mine needs a pretty damn good spa day and mentally, nothing a good book & a few candles can’t fix. (And probably a comfy sofa, because we still need one of those)

Moving house whilst pregnant, I think I have learned to never ever in my life do it again. Yes, I am truly feeling blessed and super happy with our beautiful little mountains home, but the pain and aches is just horrendous. I literally feel like I have run a marathon ten times around the world and then some, my legs, hips and back are just in pieces and I am waiting for the day when I do not wake up sore. Something of a first that happened this week, I experienced my first calf leg cramp (insert instant death right here, right now) I have never had one of those ever in my life and I never want one again! It was a horrible way to wake up, I honestly thought I was going to die, but after a while it went away and I am now just emotionally scarred of leg cramps for life. More symptom’s this and last week is I finally discovered some new stretch marks, I was doing so well, or so I thought I was but now I have some creeping on one of my breasts and more appearing on my "always there" ones on my hips. I was really disappointed when I saw them, I mean at the start of this pregnancy, I thought I wouldn’t worry about them too much, I got cream for my stretching skin and welcomed them but they never came and now they are here and I just feel “scarred” by them. Now I know that they are not the worst thing in the world but being pregnant and putting on that lovely baby weight is just getting to me recently, especially when half my clothes do not fit me properly. It is just a little bit overwhelming I suppose. I am sure I will accept it soon and embrace my “battle scars”, especially when I have her in my arms. (Hurry up sweet moment)

Another thing I experienced this week, well at least I think I did, is Braxton Hicks contractions. I think, I mean how sure can a first time mum-to-be be! I will blame all the moving and constantly doing things with the house for sure, but I mean it could just be the normal pregnancy timeline. I googled in (of course) and it seems to be super normal which puts me at ease and also gets me excited for her arrival, which is still in 4 months but who’s counting. So Braxton Hicks, well I guess I will try to explain what I felt and you can judge if that is a Braxton or not, so I felt like a deep low down tight cramp sensation, it was not painful just uncomfortable, (tmi) kind of like a bad wind cramp but this felt internal and it radiated around my hips and my back. I had to sit down to get through it and it only lasted like a few seconds, but it has happened twice already in about a week so yeah will certainly mention it to our midwives on our next appointment this week. Cravings this week or last, would have to still be chocolate, and a new one is cereal, now I am not a fan of cereal at all but I just want to put all different cereals into one bowl and just eat it for days, I think I am craving the action of sitting down and just relaxing to eat it as well.

With Little Viking this week, she is just getting super strong now and I can feel her entire body just wiggling around in there. It is a bit surreal feeling her up higher as my uterus grows, I always get a shock when she kicks me on my side or by my belly button (which by the way is now an outie). I can also now feel Little Viking kick me when I am standing upright which is fun. I washed her clothes the other day, just because I felt like it was time to get them out of shopping bags and into her nursery-to-be, I honestly thought she had way more than we have now but it seems so limited to me, even her books and toys. I feel so unprepared again! I am sure we will get more essentials one day soon but I just feel like she could have a lot more (dangerous thoughts I know) I will admit washing her teeny tiny little clothes and seeing them drying is by far the cutest thing ever.

So as I was saying at the start we moved into a rental place which is in our most favourite place ever, the Blue Mountains. We feel beyond blessed and just amazed by how God is working in our life at the moment, it is just the timing of everything that is happening and we just get so amazed by even the smallest of blessings. Our little townhouse (perfect size for us), is situated in Katoomba, pretty close to town, so we can walk to get coffee’s and groceries, which is so nice and the dogs enjoy the walk. Now the dogs, holy heck, I love and hate them these days, they are only now getting settled in (2 days in), at first they were so anxious, so whingy and just I could not love them, but now they are getting back to their old selves, playing with toys and being their usual silly selves that I can now open my heart to them again. I know harsh but being pregnant and dealing with two annoying little whingy dogs who miss Benjamin more than me is just a lot to handle. They have been enjoying running up our staircase more than us, I mean heck we have thighs of steel at the moment and will for the rest of the year! But yes our place is perfection, it’s so peaceful up here and just beautiful.

We have truly been blessed for the start of 2016 and I pray that this year is a life-changing one.