24 Week Update

This week is so huge for milestones. 

Little Viking has reached viability! "insert little dance party here" What this means is, that if she was to come early her chances of surviving in the outside world are greater, and it only increases each impending week. I am so thankful that we are at this point and everything has been going so brilliantly.

She is such a strong baby! Her kicks and movements are just crazy and wild, I love feeling her wiggle around in there, honestly puts my mind at ease just to know that she is happy and healthy. Yesterday I am pretty sure she got hiccups for the first time, it was just a constant rhythmic tapping feeling! It was pretty darn cute but I felt bad for her having hiccups. 

Symptoms this week would have to be aches and pains again, I cannot wear my wedding rings anymore, well I do but on different fingers which by the way I have already misplaced one (thankfully I found it) and also I get so tired on my feet rather quickly. Cravings this week, milk is a big one again and nutella, Benjamin has got me hooked on brioche toast with nutella and I crave it so badly. Also I am craving a really good, love-made decent coffee!! And sadly I crave soft drink, especially coke, it must be the caffeine or something because I have been pretty tired. 

We are sorting through so much at the moment but a big happy announcement is we finally got approved for a rental house! We got the sweetest most perfect townhouse right in the heart of Katoomba, Blue Mountains and we honestly cannot wait to start living up there. It is such a blessing from God that we got the place, just with the timing of everything and I am still in shock that we even got it. God has just been blessing us in so many ways over the past couple of months and my eyes are really open to just how much he has done for us and keeps doing for us. I can't wait to "play house", I mean you know you are excited to be a housewife when you invest money into hand soap for the bathrooms and candles for the living room. I am excited to make the place feel like home and I know that it will take a while to make everything fit perfectly and get all the right pieces to bring it all together but I just hope it all works out magically until then I hope I don't stress out like a crazy woman. 

Benjamin is excited about the massive spacious garage we got and he has big plans for it, he is excited about co-op stores and vegetable boxes from the local community. I am excited for, having our own space to decorate and to decorate Little Viking's nursery. We are excited for, winter nights, SNOW! and Christmas in July, we are also excited to celebrate Thanksgiving eventually and start our own family traditions. I cannot wait to move in and I already packed up all my books (there is quite a few).