20 Week Update

This week has been full of surprises.

Firstly something amazing, for the past couple of weeks I have been feeling Little Viking get stronger and literally turn in my belly but something of a first was I actually felt her little body from the outside and my goodness, it was amazing. Feeling her little tiny body was just such a shock and a beautiful thing to experience! Holy heck I just want to hold her already and love her.

Secondly for symptoms, lower back pain has been a major new development this week. I mainly feel it at night once I am rested and relaxed but it is very irritable.  I am becoming quite uncomfortable this week and I know it is only going to get worse but I can just feel everything stretching and growing and it is exciting, experiencing everything new every week that comes with pregnancy. I do love it and I don’t want to be one of those people that complain about every little thing, but the back pain it just weakens me. It is just so annoying and just there sometimes, I literally have to get on all fours and just rock it away. I guess it is Little Viking just sitting on a nerve or something but man it aches like crazy.

Another thing would be I don’t really realise how hormonal I am until I am just mentally and physically exhausted. We were at a wedding over the weekend and I was just so tired from the drive to Tamworth and just wrecked that I had a break down like a little baby because I was just so darn tired. I felt so disgusting and just weak, I honestly just wanted to be carried to bed and tucked in like a little kid again. Also I realised I will almost cry as we drive past little foals running next to their mummy horses. Yeah that is so silly I have no idea! And my golly I have been eating like a horrible person this week!!! Blame pregnancy, blame Christmas whatever but it needs to stop and I need to handle what I eat. I mean so far the weight I have put on has been considerably good and just healthy baby weight but after this week of binge eating I am afraid to step on the scale, and also why do the midwives make you tell them your weight, I mean I am already in shock of what the scale reads and you want me to shamelessly yell it out to you! But seriously this week we are eating salads and drinking a tonne of good organic smoothies. What happened this week is not happening again ever I hope!

Next week we have our hospital tour appointment so I am excited for that! I am just ready to have this baby and have her here with us. We can’t wait and are so excited for this next part of our journey.