Little Viking | 5 Month Update

Everyday Little Viking just seems so grown up and it is so crazy just how quickly she is changing. The one thing that I love that does not change is her personality, she is just a ball of fun and laughs - speaking of laughs, she just laughs at the silliest things we do and half the time we don't have to give her a show to persuade her to laugh anymore. The photos down below we took at a shoot we did this month and Phoebe was just laughing at the bumps in the road as the pram went over them, being pushed fast in the pram (daredevil) and other things she found insanely amusing. I can already tell she is going to be the cheekiest thing ever and we will certainly have our hands full! 

She is a little rocker and just loves rocking on all fours when she is on the ground, she can almost go from all fours to sitting and has down it once or twice now. She does the worm to maneuver and can pretty much scale a room in like a second which makes going to the bathroom or doing washing less than a second task. When we hold her up to stand she goes nuts and loves it so much! She loves being on the ground and standing on her legs with her butt in the air and once she has spotted something near her she wants, she will darn well get to it, which has been Dakota's toys and her dog food // don't worry we get to her before she can get it all in her reaching range. She loves handling her toys and anything else she can get a hold of, I simply adore her concentration face! It is the cutest thing watching her try to figure out what the item does or what it is in her hand. She loves shaking her rattle toys and of course dropping them all over the place (super fun..) She can sit up like a champ these days and can reach for something and bring it to her mouth.

Phoebe is so vocal and I can hear her voice changing into a more mature vocal range each day. Ben keeps saying she sounds like a big baby and she does but occasionally you can hear little snippets of what could potentially be her older voice. Her almost "word" range is expanding and when she is upset she will say mum or daddy and I come running with open arms for sure! She does babble alot in the car or when she wakes up and you can hear her "word" process growing. She loves it when I sing to her or when I play piano, she still adores watching tv and listening to music, she will sometimes get super sad over a random song which is hilarious to watch. She loves loves loves interactive sound books, we have a star wars one and a disney one and she loves the different noises it makes! She has even learned that if she puts all her weight on it or hits it, it will make a noise. Also when you take a toy away from her she will cry like a baby. (lesson learnt)

This month we started to loosely sleep train her into not needing to be rocked or held, honestly we are just a bit over having to get up so many times to help her fall back asleep and it is pretty exhausting for us. I sponteously started to sleep train her one night just to see how she took it and it worked out quite well, I did not have to pick her at all, she did fuss and cry for a few minutes but I waited to see what she would do and she attempted to get comfortable on her own and eventually soothed herself and fell asleep. It was quite amazing and made me a little proud. Sleep training seems to me, to be less frustrating and stressful than constantly waking up to a screaming baby needing to be held, I just kind of pop up and put her dummy in or adjust her position (she has the habit of rolling onto her tummy, which is just quite annoying) and she will quickly fall back asleep. She does sometimes wake up for a feed at least once during the night. I would love to eventually try to wean her off that need to have a bottle in the night to see if she will start sleeping the entire night through. 

So from four month she has had a keen interest into solids and the food that we eat in front of her so we decided to give it a go. We have given her avocado, sweet potato and a bit of rice cereal for starters and let me tell you it is insanely messy and I am so glad we have a dog to clean up the floor!! But Phoebe adores eating with us and always goes "mmm" when she eats something she thinks is yummy. I mean it does go all over her face, her arms and her clothes but "food before 1 is just for one" I believe is the saying for baby led weaning and that is defiantly what she is experiencing.

She absolutely loves fruits like watermelon and pineapple. She tried mango the other night - bloody heck it was yum for us but she enjoyed it so much, it was a bit hard for her to hold it though and if you have any tips on how to help her grip slippery foods than let me know, I am sure if I cut it with some skin still on it might be easier for her. I did cave and get her teething rusks because she just does not nap in the pram anymore, suppose there is way to many things to look at nowadays, so I bought her that to see if she would be occupied by it and it keeps her entertained. She does get a bit cranky in the car if she is overtired or due for a feed, so I have been giving her a bottle and she falls asleep after it but I hope it does not become a crutch for her in the car.

Unfortunately this month was the month Little Viking got her first cold ever! At first we thought it was teething because the symptoms of that is pretty similar to all of that, but our poor bubba! First time being sick and all the feels are real. She was so restless at night so we let her sleep in our bed (first time co-sleeping) and she slept a bit better, in fact we all did but she did wake up a few times coughing and just not herself. Poor thing!! She was just congested and blah but she was still crazy, active and laughing during the day.