Little Viking's Shower

All that no sleep, worrying & over-thinking almost every single thing to do with the baby shower was for nothing. 

Little Viking's shower turned out to be the most perfect night I could of asked for.

The entire week it was forecast for miserable, thunderstorm weather up in the mountains, on the day of the shower we woke up (well I woke up) to a beautiful sunrise, the sun shining and the slightest droplets of rain, not once did it get heavier or horrible it was just right. It was honestly God being gracious and perfect. He has been blessing us with so many little things and we are just beyond grateful. 

A massive blessing was the help & creative mind of Liz from Tahlula's Event Hire. She went above and beyond with the styling and every little detail she put her heart and soul into it. It turned out brilliant & better than we could of imagined. Honestly, if you are planning a wedding, engagement, shower or any event get onto her because her talent & curated collection of hire products is magical. 

The whole idea for Little Viking's shower was always going to be a camping, woodland theme. I have just loved the idea for a long time and it has not been done here that much, its more of an American thing to do. But I loved it the moment I sought inspiration off Pinterest, I mean what more could you want, campfire, smores, pine-cones, fairy lights, it is just the most magical theme to play with. It all started with the most adorable invitations/games I discovered on Etsy (Shower That Baby, so perfect because she curates games & lovelies in the same theme as the invitations, which makes it super easy!) and it sought of just built itself up from there. I am so glad I went with it and not something entirely generic because it just turned out oh so perfect & wonderful for Little Viking. 

The company was just the right amount of it & we loved celebrating this little bub of ours with loved ones and sweet friends. It was truly the most perfect night! 

I got the cutest little cards (Wishes For Baby & Predictions) and I just have to share a few one liners, funny wisdom & sweet words from loved ones. 

Predictions - Little Viking is due April 18th, a few date guesses are: 4th, 14th, 17th, 23rd & 24th. Many people guess nighttime & early morning, auburn or strawberry blonde hair & hazel/green eyes. It is going to be fun to see who guesses the closest & I will have to think of some sort of brilliant prize or something! 

Wishes: Some people shared words of wisdom, some words of spontaneity or silliness (which made us laugh) and some just sweetness. Many people said they wish that Little Viking travels & laughs a lot! Which I hope she does. 

These ones I love a lot: 

"I hope you learn to live with passion"

"I hope you always flush after twinkles"

: "I hope you don't forget you are perfect"

 "I hope you don't forget other people's birthdays & hope you learn to study quantum physics"

 "I hope you don't forget how to spell your mum's surname "

 "I hope you aren't afraid of the unknown"

 "I hope you always disregard the noise around you and listen to your heart"

" I hope you don't forget your Opal card"

 "I hope you don't forget to check the back seat for zombie & hope you laugh once...anymore than that is a sign of weakness"

 "I hope you always find the beauty in the little things"

 " I hope you learn to be generous"

 "I hope you always life everything up to God & hope you love fiercely"

"I hope you get to change the world in your own special way & be the light you are inside"

Now enjoy the sweet captures taken by my amazing husband who was so helpful! love him endlessly.