27 Week Bump-date & Hello Insomnia

27 weeks! That is one week away from the third trimester! I cannot believe that I have come this far being pregnant, it is so crazy. 

This week I honestly thought I wouldn't have anything to talk about or share, I thought it would be the same as last week but I realised a big thing this week for me has been the lack of sleep. Every week is something new and this week it has been insomnia. During the week I found myself getting up to use the toilet and then getting back into bed and just being wide awake, which resulted in me just lying in bed listening and thinking about everything. (I did not handle it well or wisely). I was mostly thinking about food, the baby shower, things we have not bought yet and just general thoughts. It is quite irritating when Benjamin is so soundly asleep next to me, grunting and groaning in a deep slumber while I am just rolling around, trying to find the best most comfortable position to attempt sleep again, but heck he is one lucky man to find sleep. 

One time in the week I started taking naps during the afternoon because I was just so tired plus I suffered from horrible headaches this week due to the fact that it is so stuffy/warm up in our bedroom (that townhouse heat), so I napped which was a big mistake that kept me up longer than normal nights, so of course the next day my headache continued due to lack of sleep and just brain overload. 

Causes of the insomnia, might be my mind is on everything or could be because our mattress is so darn soft and I want a firmer one so I am not sinking like a watermelon when I turn over. I do have coffee during the day and in the afternoon on most days, but I did that before I was pregnant and I slept find and throughout, so it must be a pre-third trimester thing?. I did try lavender oil on my pillow to help soothe me to sleep and honestly it worked for a bit but then I started using it on my head for the headaches and maybe my body has built up a tolerance to it perhaps, but it is not working anymore, I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a proper dream! 

Maybe its because we are in a new place and every little sound, knock, bump in the night is something alarming to me, it doesn't help when Dakota wakes up and growls at the door (could we not creep out this mumma). It is so silent up here at night, you can hear people talking a mile away, you can just hear everythinnnnnngg, and people make the weirdest of noises at like 2-3am. 

I think what I need to do is have down time before bed, I used to read but now its just Ben comes home we eat dinner late, we watch a few shows or he does photography work while I do that and then its off to bed, my brain must be wired or something. I think I need to pick up reading in bed again before hand, maybe have a warm milo or something to just make me more cosy and comfy. Let's see if I can stick to this book bedtime reading thing for the rest of the week and perhaps I will be able to get a proper sleep at night. 

Fingers crossed hey!