The End Of One Journey & The Beginning Of Another: Year In Review

2015, where did the year go?

I honestly cannot remember what happened this year, it is just all a big blur of something. The only thing that is so present in my mind is getting pregnant.

Benjamin took a leap of faith and made a big decision work wise (I did a post all about it) and we are so excited on what will happen in 2016, a little bit afraid but trusting in God that things will work themselves out and I know it all will. I know that we conquered a lot and are growing Peter the Fox Photography into something so much more and have high dreams for it, I also know that we have some big plans for 2016 in our hearts and we are expectant of what is to come.

There is not a lot I can write about 2015 but perhaps I can share my thoughts about 2016.

I know that the New Year will bring with it a lot of new and exciting experiences for both of us, it will bring a learning curve, new discoveries and many blessing, but I know it will also bring challenges and valleys for us. For starters, we will have our little baby girl come April, I will go through the beautiful thing that is called birth and experience all the wonders that come with that and then I will be a mother. It’s so crazy to think that, this time next year we will have a 6-8 month old baby travelling around with us and a part of our lives. I am excited for both of us to discover who we are when we become parents and discover our strengths and weaknesses. I know there will be hard times ahead of us, stressful times, and I mean all those things do not matter in the end because our hearts and minds forget about them. 

I am keen and expectant to see what God does in 2016 for us and those around us. I wonder how He will use this precious little life He has blessed us with to shape and mould us into something so much more than we can be alone. I am excited to see our daughter grow up with Him in her heart and by her side, just guiding her and helping her through life. I am beyond ready to go through birth and I just cannot wait to hold her tiny little body in my arms, to hear her beautiful cries and kiss her little toes. It is going to be such a blessing to look at her for the first time and behold all that she is, and to experience that with Benjamin by myside is just going to be beyond words for me.

On the business side of life, I am excited to see what 2016 brings for PTFP and PTFD. Our photography business is growing, surely and slowly it’s getting into what we envisioned and perhaps this year will see it burst into life and we will not be able to contain the amazing things it brings. With PTFD, I plan to hopefully do many more design boards in the future, especially with Little Viking’s nursery to plan, I hope to become a full time mummy blogger and take lovely keepsake photographs of just about everything and to just open my heart and mind as a writer. We have a big idea in plans and its literally stuck on our hearts and we cannot wait to start bringing it to life and planning for it and I just hope we get right into it come the New Year and don’t wait for the idea for fizzle and die before us. I can’t wait to share it will you all and I do hope it works out because it’s a lovely big dream of ours and a new one at that.

I do hope we can find the perfect little house for us to live in in the Blue Mountains, that is where our dreams are truly kept and we can’t wait to discover them, hidden away in each little pocket.

As I finish writing this post I just want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. I hope that this year has been kind to you, I hope that it has been filled with so many blessings, big or small and that you also have big dreams for 2016. I want to thank each and every one of you for the support and encouragement this year, PTFD and PFTP could not have become what it has this year without it at all. We honestly love what we do and I love that we can do it together and we cannot wait for the future.