21 Week Update & Excited For Birth

So this week has been flying by for me, we finalized the design for Little Viking's baby shower, we discovered the most brilliant event hire lady to help us out with some amazing furniture for the shower and are almost finished adding/subtracting things to the gift registry. 

I honestly cannot believe Christmas is so soon, like its crazy. I thought I would have tonnes of time to plan and organize things for Christmas but so far it looks like I am just going to go for a ride over Christmas and try to enjoy all of the chaos and plans. Benjamin is super excited for Star Wars in a week I think, so that is all he can think about these days, I just hope I can actually sit through the entire film without running to the bathroom 10 times. (We will probably see it like 2 more times so even if I miss some things I am sure I will be up to speed) 

This week on the symptom wagon, my breasts are achy and just in the way of life at the moment, not to mention my belly, but my breasts, I had to get some maternity crop tops which by the way are so so comfortable! But now I am addicted to them and never want to look at a wire bra again and some days I feel like my breasts are not getting full support and then some days they are. Now my belly, that thing is getting in the way, I noticed I have to hug Benjamin from the side now, sleeping is a mess (hot weather does not help), rolling over I feel like a hippopotamus rolling over in a tonne of mud, I just feel so damn heavy!! Also I can feel my skin just stretching near my belly button, I can just feel it getting tight and it is the weirdest most irritable feeling ever, it feels like a balloon about to pop (here's hoping it does not), I guess Little Viking is going through a growth spurt which moves me onto another topic of fun.

I have been able to feel her little body has she rolls around in there! And my golly it is the most amazing feeling ever, sometimes she even pushes back and gah! I notice also when she rolls around and is facing my bladder, then she will kick me right there and then and I feel like gagging. It is the strangest feeling ever! And her kicks are so strong right now. I also wonder if babies can read our minds, because she tends to move a lot right before I eat food or even think about food (typical). Cravings this week has to be Snickers, I usually hate Snickers, like gross peanuts! But holy heck I can eat a entire pack of mini Snickers and I have shamefully, and of course milk is still a big one and just chocolate in general. 

We also had a tour of our hospital and I honestly felt like the only person excited to give birth! Everyone was so quiet and just morbid but Benjamin and I, all smiles. Our hospital had all little Christmas baubles hanging from the ceiling and a tree and I wish I was having a little Christmas baby so badly!!. We got told what to do if we came in during the night, what to bring, where to check in with midwives etc, it was all quite short and quick but the experience was uplifting. At one point a newborn baby came past us from the NICU and I could of started crying right then and there, she was so tiny and precious and oh my goodness!! This one lady had a contraction in the lift and I got so excited and happy for her (we did here her screaming her lungs out whilst leaving so GOD BLESS THAT WOMAN!) I am just so ready and excited to just give birth, praying that everything goes as smoothly as we would like it to and fingers crossed we can score a water birthing pool and the sweetest midwife. 

So that is a quick update on everything that is happening this week! 

Update: Also we are in Tamworth for a few days just before Christmas so undecided on whether I shall be blogging whilst up here, I do have one post lined up which is all about baby-wearing, so we shall see!