19 Week Ultrasound Appointment

I have been counting down the days and hours for today. On 27th November we got to see Little Viking again with our ultrasound appointment at Westmead. We of course were running super late, my fault because I just had to have a coffee from The Baron or else I would have just lost my mind, and of course I was hungry by the time we got there, despite having pancakes for breakfast we had to buy a banana muffin to get me through the appointment, which I was not complaining about. We also did the gender prediction test, or the old wives tales test just before we left the house. The test said we would be having a boy and of course you can see the results of all that below.

So we rushed to the appointment and Westmead is the worst place to be running late for an appointment and trying to find a park. After a few laps and answered prayers we found one up a street and walked as fast as we could to the hospital. We had barely sat down to wait and the ultrasound lady called our names. Let me be honest, last ultrasound lady we had was seriously the worst stuck in the mud person ever, so monotone and no emotional, this new lady we got was just brilliant, she was so kind and considerate, I had to use the toilet like three times during the scan and she let me with no fuss and explained all the anatomy and everything to us and was just really darn nice about it all. She even let us take photographs and video record Little Viking moving! I am so thankful that everything went well.

Little Viking is brilliantly strong, SHE yes SHE! Is 300g, has the strongest heart, no signs of the syndrome I inherited by birth and is just doing so well. Benjamin totally missed her do the biggest yawn ever, but she was moving so much, her legs also look long to me so maybe she will be tall. The ultrasound lady did want to check over her heart quite a bit just to make sure everything was fine, so she did spend a fair bit of time looking at it which did cause us some concern but in the end everything was normal and healthy.

After our appointment, we got a 3D ultrasound picture to take home (why are those things so creepy!) We informed our parents and grandparents of the good news and that everything is going smoothly with this pregnancy. Then we drove up to the Blue Mountains for a house inspection and just a general hang out. It was a nice time spent just enjoying coffee and planning for our future and we just cannot wait to live in the mountains, the air is just so darn crisp and clean. We have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday so we will keep you updated on what happens next, but I am honestly so grateful that everything went well with the appointment and that Little Viking is just growing so well and is healthy. God is amazing! Update on our appointment from Tuesday, everything is looking brilliant and all results came back 100% healthy, Little Viking is on the 70 percentile and is a wonderfully healthy baby.

Also on a side note, the other night I had the weirdest dream ever, I dreamed that I breastfed our dog Dakota and she did not latch on properly and milk was going to waste and it was all very stressful. I cannot look at my dog the same at the moment and it was the craziest dream I have had yet! 

So here is some sweet photographs & videos of our Little Viking!