Quick Update On Exhaustion

I keep forgetting that I am pregnant and honestly sometimes I don't even feel pregnant. We did an engagement shoot few weekends back and we hiked down to falls in the Blue Mountains. We totally forgot how hard the steps back up are and I was so tried afterwards. I guess I am forgetting there is a little one growing inside of me and that takes a lot of energy. We got to bed at a reasonable time, well to me and I get a pretty good sleep in most days but it just seems that in the afternoon I get hit with exhaustion, my eyes just get so heavy and tired. And of course silly me fights through it and stays up a little longer than usual and then I get a headache the next day. I guess I have to remember to get more rest these days. 

It is quite hard because I am one of those people that have to be on the go, doing things on my never-ending list of things to be done. We have things to buy and things to browse in store and it just never ends. We also have engagements and weddings to do and I really hope I can last an entire day on my feet shooting a wedding because I do love it but I am just so afraid I am going to be super damn exhausted and not be 100% focused and driven to do my best. 

Also I just feel like I have been doing a lot by myself, like its all me doing this alone. I am not sure why that is maybe its because I have been pinning, researching and browsing so many things for Little Viking and reading plenty of books and blogs and watching a tonne of YouTube videos. I am also planning our baby shower for Sydney and that is stressful enough on my own so really hoping to get more help with organizing that because it really is hard work and also picking items for a registry. Maybe after Christmas things will be more clear or I will be more focused on things but also I think I will be stressing or worrying more just because its 2016 then and Little Viking is due in a few months and that just freaks me out because I want to be super prepared and just set for delivery.