19 Weeks "Goodbye Legs & Feet"

On the 20th November, I was sitting on the couch drinking some tea, I felt the tiniest movement, and so slight I almost missed it. It was not the first time it had happened but this time I felt it stronger that before, it happened a second time and a third and I quickly realised it was Little Viking. I even felt her move against my hand, it was so quick so sudden and it just made me smile. I felt like a muscle twinge, being flicked from the inside or light poking. It is so surreal and amazing that there is this tiny little life inside of me, it is so easy to just forget or take it for granted but feeling those first little movements of the one I cannot wait to meet and hold is just breathtaking.

The next morning I woke up and she was awake and rolling about in there, so I quickly grabbed Benjamin’s hand and he felt her for the first time. He cried like a baby at it, it was sweet and also odd because he is not a big emotional person but his love for her is just blooming into something special. We were also in the car on the way home from checking out a baby shop out near Manly and she did the biggest movement I have felt in the past two days, it was so big I felt it in my entire lower body, I do not know what happened or what but it was massive and we just sat their shocked and losing our minds over how strong she is getting!

Also this week (19 weeks) I started getting heartburn, well I assume it is heartburn because it happens right after I eat something probably not the best of health for me and I get the tightest pains in my chest, it is sort of like stuck wind and then after a while I will burp away like no one’s business. Also I am having some more round ligament pain and I am quickly realising not to bend down anymore because I get the freakiest tugging feeling and it is not comfortable. So goodbye legs, goodbye feet, see you in a few months. I also have a lot more veins on my belly, which I don’t want to become stretch marks, I mean I have stretch marks on my sides and whatever, I deal with them. But new stretch marks would probably affect me the most. I have been struck with the worst baby brain this week, I went to get towels and bath mats for the bathroom and almost grabbed the vacuum cleaner and I went to put sticky tape in the fridge.  

We went to get a quick check up at the Dr just because my headaches were getting a bit worrisome but everything turned out super fine. I put on a healthy 3kgs, baby’s heart beat is 155bpm and I am measuring at exactly 19 weeks which is brilliant. We have our anatomy scan this coming week and are very excited to learn the definite sex of Little Viking although we are holding onto that she is a girl ( I am secretly still rooting for a boy) but we shall see! 

Also a quick craving update: I am in love with raspberries, guys I have never liked them before in my life! I mean I do eat them with caution just because they have the weirdest texture ever!! but oh m gee. And pumpkin, if you ask my mum I have never been a pumpkin lover but I am just craving it and could eat it on toast one of these days.