Eyes Opened By God's Love

So at church a few weeks back we got to be blessed with the presence of Perry Noble. His message just really spoke to me and heck he is a hilarious man. His message was just one of those things that got really deep down in my heart and just opened my eyes. Perry spoke about how no matter what we have done or do God still values us. He created us individually as we are knowing all the mistakes and sins we would commit and yet he still made us and loves us unconditionally. I just needed to hear that because I guess that is one big reason why I cannot connect to God during prayer, I mean I pray but in the back on my mind I do have doubts on whether its worth it or does he love me enough to bless me with what I am asking. In my life I suppose I have never thought I was ever valued, I never thought God needed me and I always wondered why he created me and what my purpose is but he created me out of love and he sent his one and only son to die on the cross to save my soul so that I could have eternal life with him forever. I have never appreciated that like I do now, especially being pregnant I am just in awe of what God is creating inside of me, a little life that he values so much and loves beyond anything. He knows what this little life will be like, the mistakes, the lessons they will learn and what they will become. I am a little jealous that he knows all of their adventures they will embark on but I am so thankful that he has blessed us and is creating something beautiful. Maybe it is my purpose in life to be a mother, to be the one who is there for a child on this lifetime, to raise them in the slight of God and for God. I am just so thankful we made it to church because my heart and mind is just opened to God and I just have so much love in my heart and so much hope for the future now.