Daily Bumps & Gender Dreams

Writing this blog post I was 12 weeks and 3 days! Hurrah for safely getting to this point and everything being super. 

During the 12th week and previous I noticed that my breasts were not as sore as they used to be which was a great thing in my book. I had a tonne more energy than the past weeks and I could wake up without being groggy or sleeping in. My cravings for that week was certainly still milk and ice-cream and a heap of fruit, I also started making smoothies for breakfast which kept me full up until lunch time. I did have to buy new shoes because my poor heels where just getting way sore if I walked around for a while. I mean hello new Vans! Thanks Benjamin. 

The long weekend had come and gone and I don't know if it was the heat or what but I just had a constant headache for 2 days straight. It was not even a headache but it just sat right behind my eye so maybe its a tension one or something. I thought it was something to do with the hormonal shift since the placenta was fully developed at that stage. I realised that I do not fancy being pregnant in the heat at all, its all so gross and humid and all I want to do is go swimming. I did also noticed that week and the previous that the need to go to the bathroom had increased and even if I drank the tiniest amount of water.We also have a nuchal scan this Friday so fingers crossed and prayers happening that it goes all well!  

So I was watching Daily Bumps this morning and Ollie is just the cutest in his little Woody shirt, and I mean they have a Disney store! Like WHAT? Australia, you need to pick up your game because I want a Disney store here! It looked so amazing and so much fun. 

But the video did make me wonder if Little Viking is a boy or a girl, it is going to drive me crazy until we find out (in a few weeks). The past few weeks I have been thinking it's a boy, I mean we have a lot more boy clothes and things, hardly any girl clothes (I am very picky about girl's clothes and everything is soo girly and pink) I mean it would be lovely to have a boy, they just seem way easier than girls? I also adore little boy shoes at the moment and teeny little shirts and just everything! Can't wait till Little Viking can get their first Vans. And with boys they have greater adventures, with toys and bikes and DISNEY! ( I mean look at Peter Pan and the lost boys!) I mean yes, you can do all those things with a girl but a little boy would be so much more sweeter especially for Benjamin to raise a boy up like him. I decided if its a boy and he has curly hair we will nickname him Chuckie (Rugrats) but then Benjamin ruined it and said "you mean that creepy doll?" So that is not happening now! But no matter what this baby will be super happy and so blessed. Someday's I do get excited for a girl, swim lessons and ice-skating, I imagine she would be crafty and love coloring, she will also love butterflies which is a problem for me because they are my fear and our little boy he would love spiders and other bugs (Benjamin's fear is spiders) I can't wait to discover what he or she will be like, their hobbies and loves. 

Update: We had the nuchal scan and baby looks superb and everything is 100% perfect.