Nursery Decisions: Cribs & Co-Sleeping

Starting the process of coming up with ideas and designing a nursery of my own, I never thought it would be so difficult like it is. Being a interior stylist of course I want the best of the best in the nursery and for it to be up to trend etc but it is just so hard to decide on that one trend! After a few weeks of procrastinating and stressing over it and fearing I would never decide on a theme. I have decided to go with an all Scandinavian, soft feeling theme, just something that is so mellow and calming. I really love soft things at the moment, soft colors and even soft sounding names. So I am sticking with it and I hope my mind doesn't shift to something outrageous. 

So after finalizing a theme, I now have to make the all mighty decision on what crib to get. (Its a tough one for me) also if I want a bassinet or a co-sleeping product for our bed. Looking at website and website over and over again really does your head in and it can all be so overwhelming, I have read reviews and gone through my Pinterest pins from years back to dig up cribs I fell in love when back then. And I  think we finally have decided on the crib to be. (It really is an investment) But first let's address sleeping arrangements. 

I have not done that much research on co-sleeping yet but I feel it might be something I would be interested in although husband does like to move around quite a bit and our dog is already a star co-sleeper. I have looked into bassinets and all of that but it just seems like a stretch of money to get something that would only be used for such a tiny amount of time. I mean I am not all for putting my newborn into a giant crib in a room far away from me (the thought of that freaks me out and I imagine I would not sleep at all) so some sort of co-sleeping thing has to happen for me I think. So below I will list a few products that have caught my eye with co-sleeping or the all expensive bassinet options. 

Bednest $599

So the Bednest has been a high contender on my list. I love how I would not be worried if husband or I move around to much while baby is on the bed with us. I would be able to see baby and nurse quite easily. It all seems quite perfect but the price tag stops me from committing.

Serendipity Polka Baby Beanbag - Apricot $99

This a new find for me actually. Husband loves the colors in this Apricot one and I love how comfortable it looks, the safety harness of course is a bonus. I like how we could take it everywhere with us and its easy to clean.

Caramel Fudge Baby Beanbag $99

This one is like the Serendipity beanbag with looks a bit higher up at the back and smaller. I love this one as well so looks like we will be in a pickle deciding.

Charlie Crane Levo Rocker $297.60

Now this one is a splurge and wonderful its its design and function! So modern and beautiful. Not sure if you could use it as a sleeper/rocker but I would say this one is well worth an investment.

Tetra Organic Snuggle Bed $174.95

Now this one I am a bit iffy with, some people say the sides fall down after a bit of wear which is a problem for me. Others say its wonderful and helps with colic etc and can be used in the crib as well. 

Moses Basket & Mattress $179.95

The Moses Basket I have had my eye on for years. I love how you can take it with you and move it easily while baby is asleep. Its organic which is a thumbs up for me and its affordable.

Sweet Dreams My Little Bed $69.95

This is a new find too. Not sure if I love it enough to purchase. I mean it just looks a bit flimsy? and again people have mixed reviews on it, foldy sides & again great in the crib.

So those are the co-sleepers, obviously we are undecided and I wish I could find a store that has everything on display but I think one of these days we will make a trip to Melbourne and have a peek and all the wonderful shops that way. Now onto the cribs (the best part!) 

I knew from the get go I wanted something beautifully designed, eco-friendly or organic and just soft. Finally deciding on a theme has helped significantly on what crib I want to get so it was just decided whether we want to spent a little bit or really invest in a crib. Because in reality I imagine we would use this crib for the next baby. One decision we have made is when it comes time for baby to move into a big bed we won't be converting the crib but instead just buying a normal child bed. To be it just seems like a waste of money and it seems easier for them to adapt to a normal bed. 


Oeuf Sparrow Crib - Birch $1,299

This is the crib I have been swooning over for years. I love everything about it. We ventured to Babyography over the weekend and they had it on display in the window and husband said "wow" to it. So it is a big big contender in our books. This crib would be an investment for sure but it fits into the theme perfectly.

Kalon Crib - White $895

I have yet to see the Kalon Crib in person but the white and birch is just to die for. I love how simply but yet beautiful it its! And the price is brilliant in my books.

Ellie Cot $799

Incy Interiors cots & beds have stolen my heart for sure. I think if I was going for a different theme I would jump to get the Ellie Cot. I love the metallic colour! I think when we get a big bed for our child then we will go to Incy for it.

Fohfum Uno Cot $1450

New find for me and I am not complaining. I love love love the mesh on this crib! So safe and soft. Made in New Zealand. This crib is beautiful.

Oeuf Rhea Crib $1099

I have always paired the Rhea next to the Sparrow crib and this one has always come in second. We saw it in Babyography and we were not a fan of the white sides of it. It just felt a bit unfinished for me.

Ikea Sniglar $99

Ikea cribs for me are a cheap way for decorating a nursery. I do like how they are so affordable and easy to set up etc but its just so simple for me that I do not love it.

Ikea Hensvik $149

Again like above same thing for me. 

So those are the cribs for me. We are yet to decide but we have some brilliant options for sure!

Let me know how you like this Nursery Decisions post and what I should blog about next.