Pregnancy Confirmation & The Dreaded P Word

So a few days after our GP appointment, he did not really take any blood or give us a firm confirmation on being pregnant so we decided to get a confirmation from another doctor (I mean as if 4 positive tests wasn't enough). We decided to visit Clinic 66 in Chatswood, so we booked an appointment to see Dr Bower, she was super nice, efficient and had a lot of good advice to share with us (a lot of it I knew just from Google and a tonne of baby books). I was pretty nervous going into it but she confirmed the good news of us expecting. I did have to do a few tests and also a blood test (I am so used to these now). She also requested I should get another pap smear done (the last one did not work for me at all, those things are the devil!) I despise pap smears, like I honestly thought it would not hurt that bad, that it would be over in like 2 seconds but NO! pap smears for me are just so horribly painful that I just cannot go through with it because it literally feels like I am being ripped a part down there! I feel so stupid and upset after attempts to get one done, I feel like such a failure. I don't know what it is, but I will have to TRY to do another one after giving birth so hurrah to that! So I couldn't go through with it, we tried different things but alas it did not work out and I didn't want to cause any more distress for me and Little Viking. I seriously just want to be put under sedation next time and get it over and done with, I feel so un-womanly that I can't get it done! I wonder if there is something wrong with me and my lady parts, I hope not! Because a baby needs to come out of there!! Needless to say I am not looking forward to going on the pap smear train again in the future.