Nursery Decisions: Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets. I will be honest a few years ago I was like what is the deal with them? These weird, linen things you wrap like crazy around your baby!  The swaddle sleeping sacks I still find a bit odd but the swaddle blankets nowadays are beautiful in design and most are organic which is wonderful. Little Viking better love to be swaddled because we are going to have tonnes of swaddle blankets to choose from, not only can they be used to soothe the baby, to help the baby sleep better, but also to use as burp cloths, nursing cloths, change mats and for use in the pram too. 

We definitely want a few that are organic for the first couple of months at least, something super soft and gentle on baby's skin and then venture into some cute fun patterns later. I am still not sure on how many swaddle blankets we should buy first, so any advice is welcome! Or I might just go crazy and buy like, a lot! Below are a few that have caught my eye from good reviews & designs.  

You Are Our Greatest Swaddle Blanket $55.17+

This is beyond a doubt my all time favourite swaddle blanket ever! I have had it pinned for quite a while. It is 100% organic knit cotton and the everything is hand drawn in California. I love the quote! I just reminds me of Peter Pan and thus this swaddle shall forever have my heart. I really want this swaddle blanket as the first swaddle blanket Little Viking gets wrapped up in and his or hers keepsake. It is just so precious. This design also comes in a minky blanket, so bring on the decision to get both! 

Wilson & Frenchy Gold Muslin Wrap $34.95

Wilson & Frenchy stole my heart many moons ago. I love everything their products bring, the soft details are just beautiful. This wrap is 100% cotton muslin and is perfect as a pram blanket or a precious swaddle wrap. I love how simple but divine it is. 

Aden & Anais Vintage Circus Muslin Wraps $49.95

These swaddle blankets have been around forever, or should I rather say, the brand. They are renowned for their brilliant quality and seem be on everyone's list for baby things to purchase. The bamboo muslin wraps picture above are of course organic and just perfection, certainly going on my list as a staple to purchase and the Vintage Circus Muslin Wraps by Aden & Anais are just that bit of fun and quirk desired for older little ones.

Purebaby Essentials Muslin Wraps $34.95

I have loved Purebaby products ever since I discovered them. We bought a teeny little soft comforter for Little Viking and its gorgeous. Every time I go into a shop I just have to touch all the adorable outfits because it's just so darn soft! I wish my clothing was that soft! I know I would sleep like a champ if it was. I don't even have to question anything from their stores because its just all organic and lovely. These will be going on my list to try out for sure. 

Papinelle Newborn Wraps $20.00

We discovered Papinelle up in Leura, Blue Mountains and how I didn't know about this store before, I don't know! But their products are to die for gorgeous! I love their pj's and soaps and just everything. Hoping to get some beautiful comfy clothes to wear in the hospital from Papinelle. They also have some gorgeous bloomers and other petite baby things which are perfect for gifts. These wraps are again 100% organic cotton and just perfect for newborns. 

Nature Baby Muslin Wrap $29.95

Nature Baby again has been a long love of mine. I will admit the print for this wrap got me at first, it is way to adorable to pass up. And of course 100% organic and beautiful. And yes the link is not the same wrap but I know David Jones stocks this design. 

Rock Your Baby Against Nature Wrap $31.82

Rock Your Baby is just so epic and up to trend, they are always releasing new clothes that I wish was in my size! We have these little leggings that have beards all over it (husband is happy about that). I love this wrap and will probably use it more in the pram if we decide to purchase it down the road. 

Noah & Bowie The Bears Organic Wrap $69.95

Organically made in New Zealand this wrap is a firm contender for me, but it is a bit pricey compared to getting an entire pack of Aden & Anais for near less the same price. I do adore the design and everything about this wrap but just not sure if I could justify spending the money, maybe if it I used it more in the pram but again not sure. 

Sapling Organic Rose Petal Wrap $39.95

I recently discovered Sapling Organic and a big YES! for Aussie organic websites! Makes my life easier that is for sure. This design is simply beautiful and again 100% organic. Again I think I am leaning towards more of the packs of swaddle blankets and then maybe three designer ones for the pram. I mean it is brilliant how whilst typing this my mind is deciding what we should buy and what we shouldn't which is exactly what I need it to do!  

Little Unicorn (and above) Cotton Swaddle Set - Garden Rose $38.00

I love love love love the designs on these swaddle sets! Garden Rose & Summer Poppy are just so delightfully gorgeous! I love them so much and it comes in a set which is just perfection itself! Little Unicorn does ship internationally so I hope that includes Australia!

Weegoamigo Printed Muslin $15.95

These wraps remind me of Aden & Anais but certainly on the more affordable side. I love the simple yet fun designs and again it comes in a 4 pack which is brilliant! 

So those are the swaddle blankets that are on my list of curiosities! I am excited to do a post about crib linen and blankets because that will be a big issue for me to decide on what to use! and is also depends on the size of the crib mattress! So fingers crossed the crib and bedding I love match up! Thanks for reading and leave comments below of any swaddle blankets you simple adore!