We Have Some Exciting News

We are expecting! Our 'Little Viking" is due April 2016! We are beyond excited for the greatest adventure of our lives and God has blessed us. We have kept this a secret, except family and friends and I am now 14 weeks along!! How crazy is that! We do know what we are having but for now it is a secret between a few loved ones.

I will be sharing the ups & down's of our fertility journey and now our pregnancy journey. I will also be putting up nursery decisions and other things (reviews) on products that we are interested in getting for our baby. So keep a look out for those! It is all so exciting and we cannot wait for you to follow along on this adventure with us! 

I will still be doing the odd Etsy find post and occasionally a design board. I have been finding it quite difficult to design a nursery board because my brain is filled with so many idea's for our baby that I just don't want all my best ideas spilling out. If that even makes any sense! 

 Here is our second ultrasound of our Little Viking (that is the nickname for our baby atm, probably a relation to Scotland or just because we think our baby is a strong, warrior Viking) I mean the first ultrasound we got was at like 5 weeks or so and baby stuck it's arm in the air and we took it as a sign of "I am all good guys, super strong" So it has stuck with us since then! So here is Little Viking at 13 weeks!