Little Cashew | Four Months Old

oh my sweet Zoey how has it already been four months since you entered our lives earthside! I cannot believe how fast you are growing my beautiful babe. You are already showing a cheeky personality, full of life just like your big sister (double trouble) and you love having a ball of fun every now and again. You had your four month check up recently and your growing so wonderfully, your weight is in the 90% which is sooo crazy as you have just been breastfed up until now and it is so amazing that my body has nourished you so far. I give myself a pat on the back for that effort! Your length is pretty average 50% and you have a teeny head 25%, overall we are all super chuffed with your progress.

We have started sleep training you to self settle and it is a slow journey but hopefully will be a rewarding one in the future. I got you a Riff Raff sleep toy because you seem to like to hold onto something when your falling asleep, mainly a hand or my chin, so I got you something soft and cuddly to love on. The Riff Raff sleep toy I got you is the Clover one, a wee bunny which is super adorable and so far you like it! which is good and you are actually getting much better at settling yourself even though you are still in our arms majority of the time. We have to rock and tap you less which is soo nice! It is so nice to not have to fight you with your sleep anymore. Also we are transitioning you to the crib since Phoebe has a big girl bed now, the first night was kind of horrendous for me and ended in tears, but the second night you slept majority of it in the crib which was also so lovely. So hopefully you continue on the right path (fingers crossed)

You seem to already have a keen interest in food already which is crazy! not to sure if we will give you anything to try just yet because I know we waited till Phoebe was six months to do baby led weaning but at the rate you are progressing we could maybe start it earlier with you, it all really depends on when you can sit up yourself and such. Your drooling a tonne and already chewing on your hands so I think you may be teething already which sucks but its exciting at the same time. I am so not ready for those terrible teething nights and to see you in pain but hopefully you take it all like a champ. 

You rolled over just close to turning four months and you literally squealed in delight when you did which was so damn cute (we squealed as well for your achievement). It did not take you that long to master it and you did a few side rolls every now and again but once you fully rolled over you now do it every-time we lay you down, hence the move to the crib asap. I also notice that you can now reach your knee with your hand, so soon you may be able to touch your feet! You now love lifting your legs in the air and banging them down which your sister loveeeed to do in the bassinet, you also love kicking whatever is nearby and you sometimes even scoot backwards while you push off the object of choice. You are already trying to crawl every-time your on your belly also which is just crazy! stop it kiddo! soon you will be walking and running after your sister.

I also have noticed that you love patterns, your noticing things close up to your face like your sleeve or hands, also things far away like your Da in the kitchen. You love staring at your sister and already are squealing at her in delight which she promptly squeals right back at you. You have found your voice this month and squeal at the ceiling and when you get super excited, your a real happy baby which is a blessing. Also you are slowly learning to grasp things and pull them towards you, you honestly just want to eat everything that heads your way. 

We are still going strong on our breastfeeding journey, you are easily distracted which at times can be frustrating when I really need to feed you. At night it is very easy for me to be sloppy and then you get a bad latch and its downhill for my nips which is painful as hell all over again but with some care they are all good to go the next few days. I have to constantly cut your nails though because you pinch me like crazy and its not fun at all. We have been giving you a bottle of expressed milk towards your somewhat bedtime which we always forget half the time and you like it but take foreveeerrr to finish the bottle. Half the time I just want to give up breastfeeding and put you on formula just because I want my body back, to sleep at night and breastfeeding does get stressful majority of the time but I don't think I will just yet, although navigating a teething baby might change my mind. 

You are growing so beautifully and are just blowing us away with how perfectly you fit into this family. You have your Da's blue eyes but your's just seem endlessly deep blue, your hair is certainly red in the sun but I think also straight like your Da's. You have his chubby baby cheeks and I am going to say my tiny head? haha! Your just the most perfect sweet mixture of us both and completely on the other end of the spectrum compared to your sister. You get so excited when you see Phoebe, your little face lights up and your so in awe of her, she loves you so much already but if your feet touch her she legit freaks out. She is also a tad bit jealous of you probably because you keep stealing the spotlight but she helps us out caring for you (she is honestly the best big sister ever)

We love you my sweet Zoey patoey sooo much and I am so excited to see how you grow and shine these next few months. 


milestones - 18th June first raspberries, 19th June rolled to side, 26th June rolled to both sides, 5th July rolled over and the 8th was first chuckle. 

June | Book Haul Review

So excited to finally be doing this with my little one! growing her enthusiasm for books and reading is high on my parenting priorities. I can't wait till we can read some of my favourites when she is older like Harry Potter and Narnia, for now I am adoring discovering new worlds with her within gorgeously illustrated picture and delighting her with my somewhat silly reading out-loud voices. (which btw are pretty decent, well I think)

so lets dive in (hell can you tell I have been stuck watching way to much Paw Patrol) 

1. Once Upon A Cloud by Claire Keane 

This is a beautifully illustration book written and illustrated by none other than Claire Keane. It is about a little girl who wishes to get something special to give to her mother, as she goes to sleep she has a journey of a dream, along the way she meets characters that show her that she had the perfect gift all along to give to her mother. I am such a fan of Keane's work and we have other books that she has worked on, her illustrations are straight out of a Disney film and I mean literally, she worked on Tangled and Frozen so if your a Disney fan at heart or your little one is obsessed with all things Disney be sure to check out this book and others alike. 

2. Antoinette and Gaston by Kelly Dipucchio and illustrated by Christian Robinson

I have been staring at Gaston ever since I laid eyes on the sweet cover ages ago in David Jones. Phoebe is obsessed with dogs and has several dog books so of course I had to get this for her. I got both because they are both just pretty books, the illustrations are vivid and interesting for little ones. The moment I opened the first page when I read it to Phoebe the other night she just kept saying "oh wow", "woah" at the illustrations. She loved it when I read it out-loud in a silly way and she laughed a few times at their adorable names but for me the writing is just a bit a flat, or easy for kids. I prefer Gaston over Antionette but Phoebe loves both of them so we are keeping them in our book routine. Both books are about discovering who you are, where you fit in and what makes you special which is appealing and like I said the illustrations are just alive with colour and boldness. 

3. The Snow Lion by Jim Helmore and Richard Jones

I will be honest I read through this book when the cover caught my attention in our local bookstore and shed a tear, I exclaimed to my husband at the time "where is the lion going?! why does he have to go away", I read it quickly not actually realising that it has a deeper meaning to it at the time. This gorgeously illustrated little book is about a little girl named Cora who move to a new town, she is shy and has no friends in this new town, but she becomes friends with a white lion living in her house, he encourages her to go outside and be brave in making new friends. It is a very sweet book for those introverted littles who might not be keen on seeking out new friends or moving to a new town, the lion is beautifully illustrated! I do not want to ruin it for you guys but you have to read it to just get all the feels. 

4. The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin 

I originally bought this book for Zoey thinking it was more targeted towards babies but it relates to Phoebe also so we have been reading it at bedtime. This book is so heart-wrenchingly beautiful, you will probably shed a tear for the love you have for your littles. It focuses on a parents love for their child and all that they will be in the world, what they will grow up to be, dream about being and how wild their imagination will stretch. I love how whimsical the illustrations are and I am a big fan of Emily's art. We have two of her other books and they are just stunningly fun to read and look at. 

5. The Rhythm Of The Rain by Grahame Baker-Smith

 I adore this book like so much! The illustrations are just beautiful, they have this endless feel that you can look at the over and over again and see something different each time. This book is a little bit advanced for Phoebe so she kind of lost interest the first time I read it to her or perhaps she was really tired but nonetheless I will keep reading this one to her because it captures the journey of water so beautifully. My favourite illustration has got to be the shark one pictured below, the first time I read the book I did not notice the shark at all hidden in the depth of the squid ink but the second time my mind was blown away by how detailed the illustrations are. Highly recommend this book! 

6. Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn By Kenard Pak

This book has been on my list for forever now and I picked it up on sale online for this haul. I have to be honest I do not like the written part of this book, perhaps it is a bit advanced for Phoebe because she totally lost interest. I am more into rhyming books so this felt a little flat and repetitive to me so perhaps it is for older children. That being said I adore the illustrations and they depict the feel of autumn quite brilliantly and stunningly, I love the windy page with the leaves blowing in the street, pretty much sums up how it feels in the mountains when we go for a walk. But I do notice how things flow from one page to another, how the little girl picks a bunch of wildflowers and then gifts them to strangers and such on the street which is lovely. 

7. Friends Make Everything Better by Mandy Sutcliffe 

We are big big fans of anything Belle and Boo, okay maybe more so me! but I am determined to make Phoebe love everything whimsical that Belle and Boo bring out into the world. We have several other books so I had to get this new one that recently came out. I love LOVE the illustrations and the storyline so much, it is so sweet and nostalgic. It honestly has elements for every age group. This Belle and Boo book focuses more on friendship and how when your having a bad day a friend nearby can make you feel better and you can go on all sorts of adventures together. Belle and her sweet Boo go on many adventures in this one and I love every single page. I particularly love that the book ends with them both going to bed which makes this book perfect for bedtime. Phoebe loves it too and she really winds down with this one.

8. Lola Dutch by Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright 

I originally purchased this book because it kept popping up on my radar on Instagram, the cover looked amazing so I went for it. I am not a huge fan of this book at all, don't get me wrong I love the illustrations and how bright the book is but the main character is a bit much. Which is totally funny because this book is about Lola Dutch being too much for Bear to handle. She is a handful and spontaneous with her plans for the day and she kind of drives me insane a little. She just seems a tad bit spoilt and always getting her way that I am not quite fond of. I read it to Phoebe and she took in the illustrations quite well and was staring at everything in them but she was a bit confused as well as to what was going on so perhaps again an older children's book. 

9. Ocean Meets Sky by The Fan Brothers 

We got gifted The Night Gardener for Phoebe's birthday and she has only now taken an interest to it, I love it and she admires the animals on the topiaries so much. I had to get The Fan Brothers newest release Ocean Meets Sky, I will admit the beautiful adventure filled cover drew me in with how magical it looks and the story is just as special. In the book the little boy Finn has lost his Grandpa recently, he goes out to play in a wooden boat made of mix matched things him and his Grandpa built together to go to the place where ocean meets sky, a magical place that his Grandpa told stories of. Finn falls asleep and goes on a journey to this very place and there he says goodbye to his Grandpa and knows that he is always there in the place where the ocean meets the sky. It is a beautiful portrayal of knowing that a loved one is nearby no matter where they are in this life. 

10. Claris The Chicest Mouse In Paris by Megan Hess

I simply adore this book! The beautifully designed cover drew me in and of course the name of this mouse that is quite similar to mine. Claris is a pretty mouse who dreams of making her own designer clothes and moving to Paris, chance happens upon her and she finds her way to one of the most fashionable streets in Paris. Claris decide to find a place to live and decides on a quaint little space with the best views of the Eiffel Tower but a horrible little girl lives there with a poor cat that has to put up with her dress ups. Claris is brave and saves the cat from the girl, thus makes a new friend who helps her with her little space and her dreams. I love books that rhyme, like soo much, they are just so so much fun to read outloud so this book has my heart. This book is just stunning, the illustrations are well thought of and beautifully capture all that chicness that comes from Paris, Claris herself is just so adorable and now I find myself dreaming of Paris. Certainly recommend this one for sure! 

So that is all for this months book haul! I hope you enjoyed what we discovered in these gorgeous books this month and I am so excited for next month because I have already found a bunch of books to review with my little! (this is not helping my book addiction at all haha) If you have any recommendations or any theme you would like to see, let me know in the comments below.


Little Cashew | Three Months Old

I honestly cannot believe that Zoey is already three month old, where does the time go? She has changed so much in the past week and I swear it will be her first birthday in no time at all. Zoey is such a damn delight and I am so thankful for being blessed with all that she is, she always wakes up with a big smile on her face and sometimes if she smiles so big she snorts, she is so cheerful majority of the time and is such a chill baby. Zoey is developing beautifully, she is already trying to roll over which is fricken nuts!, she now tracks you with her eyes across the room which is creepy, she loves kicking her legs especially when you change her diaper (honestly a wiggle worm). She is getting super distracted now when feeding because I guess she can see so much more now, she sometimes coo's and smiles at nothing which for someone who has seen multiple horror films can only wish it is something good. Zoey loves bath time more now but once you take her out of the water she dislikes it to the max, like cries like a banshee which is so stressful when your trying to hurry and get her dressed. Sadly she still does not settle well in the bassinet and she is almost outgrowing it and will soon be in the crib, she sleeps in our arms majority of the damn time which is exhausting when you want to get things done. She now does tummy time most days and enjoys watching Phoebe's antics nearby. We are still breastfeeding which is a blessing and a curse, since she is more alert now she is easily distracted by anything really, she has also been getting majorly fussy on each side, mostly when she is overtired but half the time I forget why she is even fussy at all. It can be so frustrating when she is like that and it really makes me want to give up on breastfeeding all together. It can just be a bit much when she is cranky as hell and will not settle at all, I really feel useless when that happens and it is probably when I get the most stressed. Zoey is much more settled in the car and the other day we managed to head to Sydney and back with no stressful car moments which was soooo nice. I think we just have to time our trips better and make sure she is fed before we set off. 

So it has been three months since we welcomed her into the world and three months since my second c-section and I am happy to say I am thankfully all healed up. It was easier this time around but at the same time equally hard if that even makes sense, we had a few drama's healing this time around with reopening wounds and an almost infection but thankfully it did not get super bad. My wound is all healed up and honestly looks pretty damn great! I finally feel like my normal self again, which makes me super happy. All I want to do now is just work out like crazy to get rid of all that cruddy weight, I mean do not get me wrong, I think my body looks fab the way it is right now but I just want to be fitter and healthier to run around with Phoebe and do life. I am finding it super hard to find time to workout with the kids around and really want to start jogging in the morning or walking but not sure how to juggle that with Zoey and breastfeeding. Sometimes I workout when Zoey is asleep but the second I start she wakes up, so I either give up or workout while she is on the floor with me. I did a cardio workout last week and felt great doing it but afterwards the muscles around my c-section started aching, maybe from the workout or maybe from just pushing it a bit too much. Sometimes I feels super 100% fine going an acitivity and then I pay for it later towards bed time with cramps and stuff which sucks because you feel so fine doing things and then your not fine at all. I hate having to take it easy again when I feel normal, especially at bedtime now I can finally lie down sleeping which is sooo nice but if I move a certain way to quickly I get achy. Just the healing process internally is slower than the outside so I know in a few more months I will be able to do more and more. 

I really feel like I am tethered to Zoey by some invisible leash, I want to go out and do things without having to think about feeding but even without her I would still have to pump. I just want to be free of breastfeeding sometimes and I do think about ending our journey but then I feel guilty and honestly I do not want to be constantly cleaning up formula bottles. I do not know how long we will even be breastfeeding but I am grateful for it even happening this time around, I just take it one day at a time to be honest. Mentally, I feel better than I did a few weeks ago, I think it just gets a bit much when you are so exhausted and dealing with an unruly toddler and a newborn, we kind of have a routine now which is still not 100% but it is something. We are trying to get Phoebe to take her day nap and so far she looks hella tired but just will not sleep, it is the worse thing trying to figure this out because she looks like she really needs to nap. She sleeps through the night but wakes up looking a wreck poor chicken and she is in the worst mood most days, I think she needs an activity during the day to tucker her out so I really want to get her back into swimming or gymnastics or something. Also we are going to be putting her into daycare at least once a week to start and see how she goes with all of that has to offer, fingers crossed it all goes good and perhaps she can go more than once in the week. 

Here is a few captures of Zoey delighting in her nursery nook, she is fricken adorable and we love her to pieces. I just wanted to do a shout out to the lovely Jo from Jo Collier Designs, who creates beautiful artworks like the ones we have in Zoey's nook. We have Bruno the Bear, Oscar the Owl and the newest addition Hamish the Highland Coo who Jo kindly gifted to us with the birth of Zoey. She is working on new additions like a gorgeous Orca Whale print which I cannot wait to get my hands on and deserves all the support because she is a lovely mama who creates from her heart. Give her some love on her Instagram and her website (her prints make the perfect baby shower gifts) Jo Collier Designs