Little Cashew | Ten Month Update

Well hello there 2019, your already moving to quickly for me to keep up but I am so ready for all the goodness you will be bringing with you. As I write this blog post for Zoey’s ten month update she is on the floor talking baby babble to me as she drinks out of her sisters drink bottle, swear it was just yesterday she was a little bundle of newborn squish who did not crawl all over the goddamn floor exploring everything she can get her little hands on.

We started sleep training this week, well today will be night three with trying to do it. It has been pretty rough but not as rough as I expected it to be thankfully, I think because before I get stressed or upset at the hardness of sleep training I have to repeat to myself to be calm and react kindly because this is a learning experience for Zoey and in the end all the tears and her crying will be worth it. I think when we did it with Phoebe we were just both not prepared for the sleep deprivation and Phoebe was a horrendous night sleeper, I remember we had to stand at her crib for ages for her to get to sleep but once she figured it out it was magic. Once Zoey masters sleeping in her crib and falling asleep without me she will be getting so much more sleep which will be so much better for her but also for us too. UPDATE - I spoke too soon and the sleep training has been quite challenging for us all, it has only been a few nights and I have no idea if we are doing it right but I really am hoping for a miracle soon because the sleep deprivation is slowly adding up. Last night our stupid neighbours were so damn loud and decided to start playing loud music at 3am right until 5am. Zoey and Phoebe were sooo restless and we just wanted everyone to settle but with that constant noise from the neighbours it was not happening, we eventually had to report them to the police and they had already gotten multiple reports from them before so thankfully they shut it down quickly. I just need Zoey to settle herself really soon because I need to sleep, I am unsure how to venture into the world of night weaning her also since I have not gone this far with breastfeeder before.

First night with sleep training was rough there was alot crying from Zoey and we put her down the same time as Phoebe which was a mess because Phoebe is not quiet, at all especially when she does not want to go to sleep. So Zoey did not settle by herself for some time and she needed our help with doing so, she kept waking up hourly or so, I tried not picking her up at all and just rolling her onto her side encouraging her to fall asleep. A few times I patted her on her back until she slept just so she would get some rest, I think she only put herself to sleep once when she woke up but at but least she did it herself once which means she can do it again. I noticed after midnight she would sleep for longer stretches which I want her to do when she goes to sleep so at the moment we will work on that and hopefully she will improve more. Night two I was tired so wanted her to sleep more so I picked her up a few more times than the first night and settled her more also, I think she slept a lot more in her crib than the first night but still woke up hourly until after 11:50 when she slept right through until 4.23 for a feed. Maybe I need to stretch out her feeds more because she just nurses for comfort majority of the night.

Since Zoey turned ten months she has been pointing more often at things that she wants or sees or waving at things that she wants, she has been eating much more things still loving all the mangoes she can get her hands on and sadly she still has no teeth yet which I am sure once she has she will eat literally anything we put in front of her. Zoey has been working on her baby babble more each day and I swear sometimes she says words but I am too quick to catch them, I think very soon she will say her first word. She is one emotional girl, she is a spoilt little princess that's for sure and when you take something off her she lets you know that she wants it back, if Phoebe takes something off her she zombie crawls over to me upset about it and now if she gets hurt sometimes she says “oh” and gets sad. She has been rocking on all fours and seems to do it more in her crib for some reason, she is also getting better at lifting herself up on her arms too, she tries to get on her knees also especially in the bath tub recently. Zoey loves to stand with some help, she is just so happy when she does it and she walks slowly when we hold her hands. She is progressing so beautifully and I cannot wait to see how much she progresses before her birthday. Zoey is almost almost saying “dada”, “dog”, “hi” and nodding her head when she says things which is quite amusing, she is just so close to saying actual words and really finding new ways to communicate with us which is fun.

Anyway here is some captures we took the other afternoon, I particularly love the one of Zo just outright rejecting more avocado, she is so not keen on it at all and her just loving having a bath. One day soon she will probably just crawl right out of it at this rate she is growing.


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Farewell To Another Year | 2018

The new year has crept up so fast and I welcome it with open arms.

It is so crazy to look back at all that has happened this year, I mean firstly we had another fricken baby which is just a huge blessing, Zoey has been nothing but pure joy and this season of life is full of abundance. I endured another c-section with her which was challenging in it’s own rights but also I am thankful it happened that way and I walked away with a healthy baby and me being 100% fine. I think in my heart I knew it was meant to go in that direction, I knew it when I made the decision to have another c-section, God knew it would happen that way and he guided me towards it. These past nine months of life with Zoey have been wild especially with two little ones, my role as a mother has expanded into new territories I did not even know about. Phoebe is deep in the journey of toddlerhood that brings tantrums of fire and a firm determination of proving who runs the show {mainly her at this point} she is progressing so beautifully with her mind and learning skills, new words and such that my heart is full of proudness for her.

The new year brings so many exciting things with it, I turn 30 which is a huge milestone and one I am not sure I fully welcome yet but I have had my heart set on celebrating my 30th overseas for some time now and if God allows it I really hope it sways the way I want it too. I really really want to focus on myself more in 2019, right now in this season I am thankful that my body has carried and raised two children, I like my body at the moment but I really want to worship it more, it is in no way perfect as it was couple years ago but I just want to not look at a picture of me and pick out all the “ugly” parts, I want to look at myself and see how far my body has come I just want to evolve this version of me into a fitter, little bit more sexier version to be honest. Majority of the time I look like a fricken tired sea urchin and I keep forgetting about treating my skin a bit better, especially my face. I really want to start a skincare routine that just makes me glow a bit more and not look like a swamp monster in the morning, I mean coffee can only do so much for the soul am I right.

Even though I am a mother I still have dreams, I have no idea what my career will be or heck if I will even have one but I have these huge dreams in my heart that are so tangible to me in these last few weeks that they could just happen right now, but I feel like there are so many things holding me back. Like new skills I would have to learn, sacrificing time to learn them and then the act of robbing several banks to start these dreams because I feel like I need so much money to start them. Ben keeps reminding me I can do all of it without having mountains full of money and to just start already! I just feel like I need to tick all of these other things of my long list before I can start venturing on the journey of accomplishing these dreams. The things on my list are creative ones, things that have been nipping at my heels to be finished, things that have been collecting dust in a faraway part of my mind or things that I have kept hidden, dormant waiting for the right moment to be re-birthed, I feel like now is the time for those particular things to be brought back to the surface. Some of the things require me to venture out of my comfort zone, to take risks which bring me so much fear but with that fear, so much determination to actually get them done. I am hoping the determination outweighs all the fear so I can look back at the end of 2019 and be really really proud of how far I pushed myself in the year. I want to certainly read more books and perhaps find time to write more, I have so many ideas swimming in my head that need to be put down onto paper or in another form or art. I have other projects that I want to bring to life also and I am really hoping that with Phoebe potentially starting daycare in the new year and Zoey hopefully sleeping in her crib more that I will have the spare time to take on these new projects and ideas.

The past few months I have felt so restless, I feel like I am constantly nesting and I want things to be organised and pretty. My heart yearns so badly for a house of my own, built perfectly for this family God has given me, our forever home or perhaps not. I just really want things to feel like a home, because for some reason this place we are in now feels very temporary, very fragile, like it could be taken away at any moment. I feel sort of unstable in this environment and honestly am probably rambling on like an old bat right now. I can’t even form words for how I am feeling inside but perhaps I feel the winds of change coming on, something big is coming like that feeling you get before a storm, anticipation mixed with dread and excitement. Maybe I am having a mid life crisis already and have not admitted it to myself yet? I mean I do turn 30 next year remember so maybe I am going a bit loco over here.

There are so many celebrations to plan and make happen in the new year! like Zoey’s first birthday! guys I am so excited for her first birthday and than you have Phoebe’s birthday which I want to do something special for which I think she will love but than also you have my 30th and all the big plans I want to do with that but how in the heck can I put myself first before my children. There is no way in heck I can do all of this as perfectly as I want to but I am so determined to make it all happen smoothly that it will probably mentally and physically exhaust me till I collapse into a sweaty mess. I honestly feel like I am rambling a bit and perhaps I am coming to the end of my mind rabble to be honest and whoever is still with me at this point, props to you friend.

To those who let me capture them & their little ones this year, thank you for that opportunity to dwell in photography again. I may not always have a camera in my hands as much as I would like so I am grateful for the small chance I got this year to use that gift of mine. I hope next year I will be able to do more shoots and especially find the sweet spot of the signature style I envision for Delphine and Eyre. Delphine & Eyre still has a long way to go I think and next year will be the year that determines which direction it shall go in.

So thank you to those who are always encouraging me and I hope you all have a very blessed new years eve.



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Christmas | 2018

I was counting down the months until Christmas this year, the minute it hit November I would of had my tree up if husband said not until December. I was so excited to celebrate Christmas with Phoebe & Zoey, especially Zoey since it would be her first. I bought all the presents waaay early than expected which had it’s advantages but it also had some cons, I kind of lost track of what I had actually bought already and sort of just kept adding on little things until it got a little bit out of hand. I think next year I will be much more sensible, I will stick to the four rules with buying presents { something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read} I will certainly be making a proper list, maybe something for both the girls to enjoy also too perhaps a cubby house hack will be how I will be spending the last few months of next year.

Christmas Eve for us was mostly spent at home, we wanted to look at Christmas lights and do all of the fun things but in the end with the heat {bless you Australia} and the kiddos being crazy we did not want to be stressed out and exhausted so staying at home for us all was the best idea. I think I spent alot of the day baking cookies to be honest, ginger bread cookies to be more exact, the first batch was horrendously bad but the next two turned out perfectly. For the past few weeks leading up to Christmas we racked our brains on what we could make for Christmas Day that was vegan, we went back and forth so many times with ideas but finally settled on a cauliflower, lentil creamy curry which was to die for in the hot weather {yeah call me crazy}, for dessert we had the ginger bread cookies with some vegan Pana ice-cream which hit the spot, we also celebrated with some local Kombucha also which all went down a treat. Christmas Eve night we ended up watching non Christmas movies, Ben watched Mad Max of course and we just had a really chill night.

Christmas morning, Phoebe woke up at the butt crack of dawn which was superb, I just sat in bed with her, Zoey and Dakota just enjoying them for a few minutes before the chaos. We all made our way downstairs and when we got to the lounge-room we told Phoebe Santa had came and ate all the cookies and milk that she had left for him, her response was “oh noo gone”, she was sad that Santa had eaten them all. She quickly noticed her big girl bike that he had left for her, she is taking a while to warm up to her bike but she really does love it, i think it might take her like all the body strength her little legs have to move the pedals but she will get it very soon I hope. Her and Zoey opened their presents while we collected up all the paper {note to self, next year get sacks for the girls, the paper was just so overkill for me and not very environment friendly}, Phoebe got a bit overwhelmed with opening the gifts and just wanted to play with them before opening more, then I got stressed because she was not appreciating the gifts that we got {I had not had coffee yet to my emotions were so shitty}, Zoey was attracted to all of her big sisters toys naturally and I think Phoebe’s favourite was her mini horses. After presents we had a big vegan brekkie and then somehow it was time to get dressed and leave the house all of a sudden. We spent Christmas lunch down at my parents house and it was so crazy hot {again thank you Australia}, the kids were so overwhelmed with the heat and not napping at all so things were a bit insane but they got spoilt so much with some wonderful presents and had some lovely time with family. Zoey legit clung to me like a koala for the entire day and was very grumpy, I think she just was so not used to so many people in one spot and the heat did not help her. It was a lovely day with family and it all went so quickly, I think next year we will go away somewhere preferably with a beach lots of water and decent coffee, also would love to go to church next year on Christmas Day/Eve, I missed it so much this year.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your wee families and here are a few captures from our season celebrations.


Christmas Pj’s - Velvet & Honey

Tree Decorations - Zilvi and The At Rustic Heart

Knitted Reindeer Plush - Miann & Co

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Little Cashew | Nine Month Update

How is Zoey already nine months!? It is so crazy how this year, I had another baby via repeat c section and healed from that c section beautifully. Having a c section is no walk in the park and those first few months or even days are so intensely brutal, I am just so thankful everything went smoothly with birthing Zoey and healing. I don’t think my body is ready or my mind in fact for another baby just yet, a few months ago I was baby crazy, I mean like give me another baby right now but my mind and my hormones have settled down now, I am happy to wait a few years for another addition to this blessing of a family I have now. I got my first period last month for the first time since having Zoey and boy, I did not miss Aunty Flo one bit! It was so horrendously painful and just left me feeling so bleh, it is due sometime this week and I am so not ready for it at all. Enough about me though!

Some new things with Zoey this month is that she is clapping and waving now, her little wave is the fricken cutest thing ever and I die everytime she randomly does it. She likes scrunching up her nose which she thinks is funny and fake laughing now. Zoey loves her food, her new favourites are mangoes and banana, we tried her with tofu this month and she loved it so much she almost ate all of my dinner. She is not a fan of avocado at all, she legit gags on that stuff, I also kind of scarred her with a sour strawberry so she is not so keen on any type of berry.

Zoey loves playing with Dakota now, she follows her around while crawling and tries to pull her hair out, poor Dakota but Dakota is so gentle with her and loves to lick her toes which Zo finds strange. We discovered that Zoey is getting into that stage were she does not like things being taken away from her or her taken away from things, she gets upset at you when you say no or take away a toy, hello baby tantrums. She has one damn firm grip and if you try to pull it off her she is very determined to hold onto it, I think her and Phoebe will have so many tug of wars in the future. Phoebe is very good at sharing with Zoey, she makes sure Zoey has some blocks to play with and her own toys, she even asks Zoey to come play blocks with her which is just adorable. Zoey watches everything Phoebe does and is learning alot from her, probably not the greatest things like screeching, lord the screeching is so loud. She thinks Phoebe is sooo funny majority of the time and always has big smiles for her sister.

Zoey knows when she does not want food anymore, she will hit the spoon or bottle out of the way or just wave her arms around, I keep forgetting to try baby sign language with her, I know Phoebe knew “all done” when she was this age. She also get super jealous if you are eating food and you do not share with her, even if one of us are in the kitchen she stares at us like a hopeful stray dog wanting food. She has been super restless during the night maybe it is her teeth or a regression but its slowly killing me, I wake up and her butt or leg is in my face or she is just wide awake rolling around, she has also been waking up super early also which is not alot of fun for either of us. She tries to be funny and puts things in your mouth like her dummy or food, I guess she is sharing but she just laughs when she gets it right. Zoey is full of curiosity, she notices every movement and every sound nearby her, always watching and learning this one. She loves books and always crawls for any that are on the ground, again I keep forgetting to actually read to her more, perhaps when she actually has a bedtime routine downpat we will read more books to her. We did start sleep training but slowly gave up because we are just so tired, maybe in the new year we will try again. I have also been trying to strengthen Zoey’s little wee legs but helping her stand up more, like against the chair or sofa, she really loves to stand and gets so excited when she does.

I am already planning her first birthday and am so excited for the day, seriously my mind is always one month ahead of time. Soo much is happening next year, like so so much that I might go crazy haha! {take note, already going crazy} well that is it for me, I may try to do another post before the end of the year or two! so keep an eye out lovelies


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Christmas Book Haul Review

Hello December, you have come at last my dear friend and now I can finally blog these sweet Christmas books I have been hoarding away since September! I hope to rotate between them in the lead up to Christmas but Phoebe really has her favourite books already and now requests to read three books or more at night. She also reads some herself and then will fall asleep when she is done which is a bit sweet but can be a bit of hassle when we continuously asks for them from her bookshelf. Anyway enough rambling but here is the little collection of Christmas books we got this year.

Enjoy xx

IT US -- BLOG (109 of 155).jpg

A Christmas Wish - A Peter Rabbit Tale

I decided to get Zoey a special book to read to her on Christmas Eve but I was having the worst luck finding the perfect one for her and one that we would treasure forever. I searched and searched until I stumbled upon this petite Peter Rabbit one from Booktopia, I knew I had to get it for her because hello Peter Rabbit is my life. Bonus points because it’s a board book too so she can play with it without damaging it. In this wee book, Peter’s Christmas wish is to get a big bunch of radishes and he also wishes to get a peek at Santa too. The illustrations are very sweet and I cannot wait to read this with Zoey.

IT US -- BLOG (111 of 155).jpg

The Pups Save Christmas - Big Golden Book

I will admit this one I got on a whim because Phoebe is obsessed with Paw Patrol {my fault for introducing her} I am not a huge fan of this one because your basically reading exactly what happens in the tv episode including all those delightful catch phrases from all the pups. {yayy} Phoebe liked it although it is a bit lengthly for her age group but I do like it is a big Golden book not the itty bitty ones. Maybe get this one as a stocking filler for any Paw Patrol fans.

IT US -- BLOG (112 of 155).jpg

Belle & Boo and the Very Merry Christmas

I am a huge fan of everything Belle & Boo and this book was Phoebe’s first Christmas book so it is a staple in our Christmas reads. She has been requesting this one alot at night and she loves the Christmas tree on the front of it. Sweet Belle & Boo is a must for any little one but this one is especially precious at Christmas time, it teaches kids the importance of being kind at Christmas time and the meaning behind Christmas.

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We’re Going On An Elf Chase

You had me at lift the flaps! I am a sucker for flap books and Phoebe adores them so I had to get this one. I mean adorable rabbits on the lookout for cheeky elves is adorable at best. The cover is beautifully designed and so are the illustrations. I like how Phoebe can learn counting while you seek and count each elf and it rhymes {I do love a good rhyming book folks}

IT US -- BLOG (115 of 155).jpg


There is no better time in the year than Christmas time to introduce your little to some poetry. I fell for this book and it’s gorgeous cover! I love how minimal the illustrations are but yet they hold so much depth in them. This one is different to any other Christmas book I have seen, it has short poetry text on each page by the late Walter De La Mare whom I have never heard of to be honest but after reading this I am curious about his works. This one is special folk and I encourage you to seek this one out from your local bookstore.

IT US -- BLOG (117 of 155).jpg

Jolly Christmas Postman

This was a book that Phoebe got last year and I will admit I have been keeping it away because Phoebe has been known to wreck a good book or two recently. I pulled it out this year because thinking she was a bit older she would enjoy it but sadly this one is a bit repetitive and for more grown up kids I think. It has so many detailed knick knacks and letters throughout it that Phoebe did not understand very well because the age gap for this book is for older children. There was a few bits that she did like but unfortunately this book will have to wait till next year to be enjoyed i think.

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Grandpa Christmas

This book drew me in for the beautiful blurb it told, it is a book about a little girl who reads a letter from her Grandpa at Christmas time. In this particular letter her Grandpa wishes that Mia will have a better world to live in and that she should take care of the world around her, she should do nice things like planting seeds in the garden and cleaning up. The book has beautiful illustrations that are so detailed in what they portray, from the ice caps melting, endangered animals to polluted oceans this book takes you on an emotional journey and teaches little ones to be mindful of taking care of the planet. I really like the message of this book and hope it teaches Phoebe alot.

IT US -- BLOG (119 of 155).jpg

The Twinkly Twinkly Christmas Tree

I love the books from Usborne, they have soo many kinds of books and they are very informative. This one is so whimsical and Christmasy! I mean just look at the cover! Phoebe liked this one alot, especially the twinkling lights throughout this book, it has lovely little lights that are fireflies on one page and town lights on another. I even bet Zoey would love this book too just because of the lights! My only problem is that they are a bit bright though, so much so that in a dark space the reader probably would not be able to see the picture but I read it in dusk light so who knows! But I encourage you to check out this one also.

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Pick A Pine Tree

I just want to say a huge thank you to Jack and Willow for this! I had ordered this with another supplier and sadly they would not get anymore in until next year! so I quickly jumped on the Googles and found Jack and Willow had this so ordered it, it came quickly and is probably my favourite book from this entire collection. {be sure to check out the rest of their little book collection} I love it so much and Phoebe simply adores it so so much, especially the Christmas tree part at the end. The illustrations are so gorgeous, so much depth and detail to them! you literally feel Christmasy and living in the pictures with this one. No wonder it is a popular book! Please check this one out guys because it is a huge keeper.

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The Night Before Christmas

I ordered this particular book to read to Phoebe on Christmas Eve so have not had a proper read of it yet, but from what I have seen it is beautiful. Full of gorgeous illustrations of jolly Santa and his reindeer. I am planning on doing up some Christmas Eve boxes for the girls with pjs, a new plush and a book to read on Christmas Eve so watch my Insta to see that sometime soon.

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A Very Corgi Christmas

This cover stole my heart! Phoebe loves dogs so of course I had to get this one guys! I won’t spoil the plot for you but this one had some Lady & The Tramp vibes to it and I adored it so much. Hello, sweet Corgi’s enjoying Christmas time will melt anyone’s heart. You know you want this one guys, especially if your little one adores anything to do with dogs.

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A Christmas Carol

I preordered this one so had to wait for it to be released but soo glad I did. I have never read the original book but this one brings it to life with fresh eyes. The illustrations are gorgeous, insanely detailed {especially each of the ghosts of Christmas} and the book rhymes so win win for me. Some parts were a little scary with the ghosts so maybe not good for little ones but I enjoyed reading it to Phoebe and will probably have to watch the movie now to read the classic book.

IT US -- BLOG (125 of 155).jpg

Little Robin Red Vest

I teared up reading this one guys, this was the first Christmas book for Phoebe this year and I did not know it was Christmasy until the end but it tells the sweetest tale about a little Robin with several vests who he gives away to poorly animals in the cold each day until Christmas Eve when he is left without any jackets in the cold but Santa notices his kindness towards others and gifts him the most beautiful, perfect red jacket for him and I cried at the fact that it tells how Robin’s get their rest chests in the sweetest way possible. I cried like a baby haha and found it just crazy adorable.