Little Cashew | Eight Month Update

Dear sweet Zoey,

You are just about eight months old and boy this last month has been a whopper on your development. At six months you were still a wee baby but now you are so much more grown up than I actually realised.

You are the family joker, you find so many things funny like pulling my hair when breastfeeding which is not very fun for me, when your sister does anything silly you let out a giggle, when I raise my eyebrows and make funny faces at you and you just being silly makes you laugh. You love your bathtime, you have mastered sitting up in the bath and you love making a darn mess splashing about with the water, I think you even splash more than your sister did at this age. If I put your dummy into my mouth you find it so funny and grab it out and sometimes you even try to give it back to me which is sweet.

You have discovered your wee toes and love to suck on them also you did like sucking on your thumb at the start of the month but you seem to have stopped. You have been teething horrendously hard this month and yet there are no teeth popping through but hopefully soon they will and you will be much happier.

You still co sleep with me and I have noticed you like to sleep crawl sometimes which is funny but not when I want you to sleep so I can sleep. You have started fighting your naps this month a bit perhaps you are going through a sleep regression from figuring out to crawl, yep! you have finally figured out how to crawl well it is more like an army crawl than anything but boy you are certainly a quick mover. Sometime soon you will be sleep trained for sure in your crib because you are getting a bit too big for sleeping next to me in our bed.

You had a bad spout of separation anxiety from me and I literally could not pee without you seeing were I went, you are a bit better now thank goodness but you still just want your mama which I don’t mind, you have also started reaching out to be held which is so adorable.

You love to sing and make noise now, you mimic the singing sounds your sisters does or screeching sounds and you guys are the perfect same pitch together. You have started rocking to music that you like and you like banging on things that make noise. Perhaps you are musically gifted little one? You have also started babbling words like "da da” and “ya ya” and I am so not ready to admit that your first word may of been “Dada”. You grunt all the time, you grunt when your trying to get somewhere, when you want food and even when something gets taken off you. Yep you chuck a tantrum when something gets taken off you already.

You have noticed your hands and your arm this month, you started just staring at your hand and moving it around but now towards the end of the month you have started to wave which is so darn cute! your sister never waved so it is nice to experience little baby waves from you.

We discovered that you are scared of loud noises this month, like the vacuum and the blender all of a sudden and even Buddy which made me a bit sad, you were all jerky and panicking when he came near you and you let out a whimper which broke my heart. But you love Dakota and always try to get to her dog food so I did not expect you to be scared of Buddy.

You are soo keen for big people food and you complain when we eat and you do not get any, you tried some rockmelon this month and you enjoyed it, it probably did wonders for you gums. You are still eating some purees and some baby led weaning when we get the chance but rarely do.

You like this toy phone thing that makes music, your sister always takes it off you and then you get upset at her, she gives you another toy in return but always gives you the phone back with some encouragement. Since you discovered that toy phone now you just want to grab all the phones you can including ours. Great.

I cannot believe that you will be nine months soon and will be experiencing your first ever Christmas very soon! then it will be the new year and you will be turning one in no time at all! what is this madness honestly. You are a sheer delight my sweet Zo and we love you so much.


Little Cashew | Seven Month Update {also Forster Trip}

I realised this afternoon while Phoebe rediscovered her baby doll, while she carefully played with her and showed such gentleness, that Zoey has given Phoebe the gift of compassion, she has given her the gift of a nurturing, sharing and kind heart. I get such a surge of emotion watching them interact together, Zoey is such a big admiring of her big sister and almost anything she does produces a little giggle from Zoey, Phoebe is always aware of Zoey, always shares things with her or new things that she discovers. I honestly am so blessed with these two and am so thankful that God wrote them into this story of motherhood. I cannot wait till they are at the age that they can play together and sleep in the same room, I really cannot wait to read them both stories at bedtime especially greats such as Harry Potter or Narnia.

Zoey has been on the path of discovering how to crawl, she needs much encouragement verbally and then she just sticks her butt in the air. Sometimes she does move like a tiny bit but at the moment she is actually pushing off her toes not her knees, if that makes sense, but she does have the right idea about it. She is teething, I mean she has been for a while but this is now the cutting of the teeth or the horrible part that just makes babies not happy about anything at all so she has been grumpier than usual. I found some vegan rusks so she has been munching on them which she loves, she noticed that if she bangs it on the table it makes a noise and also she can throw it pretty damn far.

She loves playing with the playbar that we have at home, she reaches and grabs all the toys on it {Phoebe likes to take them all off as a game} which is not ideal but Zoey just keeps staring at her with such affection. Zoey also is enjoying solids, we have her on normal purees at the moment and occasionally I will let her have some steamed broccoli, I do not feel too comfortable giving her anything else just yet since the allergic reaction incident, perhaps in another month or something we will start venturing into other foods for her to grasp and munch on but for now it’s just purees kiddo. It kind of sucks because we have her on purees that we buy from the usual stores but for her age category at the moment so many of those purees are not vegan and the ones that catch my attention all just have milk in them which she is allergic too so I may have to make my own purees for her but as I said she will probably only be on just purees for this month coming and then onto actual solids.

She has mastered sitting up finally, we were so focused on getting her to crawl that we forgot about her learning how to sit up and balance. But she is such a pro now and I think she quite loves it. She has found her voice now and is always squealing, screeching and chirping especially when she is in a playful mood which is majority of the time. She is a super happy baby, like it’s a bit odd to always be this happy haha but we are so thankful for her joyous smiles. She discovered that she can laugh at anything now and the other day she was just sitting and laughing which was hilariously adorable.

As for sleep, Zoey is still co sleeping with me in the bed, she honestly just seems much more content there than in the crib. The past few nights she has been a bit restless I guess due to teething etc so I am fine with her next to me for a bit longer because at least I am getting some sleep and some sleep is better than no sleep at all. We started sleeping training Phoebe at nine months or something other so perhaps will do the same routine with Zoey because she is going through the whole separation anxiety phase {I literally cannot use the toilet without her freaking out that I am gone}

So we all went to Forster for a wee holiday because Ben had a wedding to shoot up there so we packed the car which probably more things than we actually needed {typical}, the car ride was not too bad with the kids which was really surprising but I think we were all grateful to get out when we reached our accomodation. The place we stayed was nice and cosy, I liked that Phoebe had her own bedroom so her routine was not destroyed, it had a lovely backyard area which would of been great for the kids if the weather was not windy and cold {I even relaxed on the grass for a bit in the sun and read a book but then the wind got insane so I retreated inside}, it had a bathtub so the kids got to experience that which was so much fun but in terms of calming down before bedtime was not very ideal. Things that I disliked about were we stayed was that things were just a bit loud, when the toilets flushed or the shower it was just honestly really really loud, people coming into the lobby outside our door was loud especially when the kids were asleep at night, maybe I am just being a concerned mum about it but I wish it was a little bit quieter. Also we did not bring our own highchair mainly because we had no more room in the car and they told us it would cost us $25 to use their own in the hotel and they were unsure if one was even available for us, who charges for a highchair?! I was honestly so baffled and we just gave up because it was just outright crazy.

I enjoyed our walks to the beach and we probably indulged in too much eating out while in Forster though it seemed like every-time we walked out of the hotel to go do something Phoebe was just wild and a handful {normal toddler behaviour I guess but it just seemed to much more crazy than usual in Forster}. We tried going to the beach at one point which was at absolute shit show, honestly what were we thinking! going to the beach past nap-time for all of us, it was windy and just a mess! one memory we will not be forgetting anytime soon! we even bought a cheap pop up tent thingo that was a hassle to set up {sorry Ben} and we just gave up on the beach idea and did not even try to attempt it again. Poor Phoebe was delighted in the beach and the water, not so much walking on the sand herself but she was keen to be out there, Zoey on the other hand breastfed and fell asleep straight away which was handy. I do not like sand at all, probably like the idea of the beach rather than the formalities of it. Perhaps when they are older we will try it again and probably plan it a bit better for sure.

The night that Ben was away shooting the wedding I stupidly attempted having a bath with both kids. {never ever again} It made so much sense in my mind but the execution was poorly! bloody heck it was poorly and one heck of a mess but once they were both settled into bed I at least got like maybe half an hour of silence before Zoey decided to wake up. I think we were all just happy to be home once we arrived, I don’t understand how you go on a holiday to relax but then just come back probably more exhausted then when you left haha! One morning Ben noticed a strange dog walking through the backyard next minute he yells its a fricken fox! I have never moved so fast before in my life and it was honestly the most beautiful rogue fox I have ever seen, it was so close and it even locked eyes with me! It disappeared somewhere but we saw it again on our walk until it hid very well in the bush.

So you might one to grab a wee cup of coffee for this blog post because there are a few captures below but all are golden memories so hope you enjoy them


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September | Book Haul Review

Okay so I know it has taken me forever to actually do another book review and honestly, life has been so hectic and things have been getting behind me quite easily. I recently bought Rey a bunch of new books and as much as a love getting them, at the same time it is a little bit expensive and some of the books I do get her are a bit of disappointment. I do want to keep doing this though but they might be more spaced out also her bookshelf at the moment is mighty full and I legit cannot put anymore books on it. {sad truth} I am hoping to do a Christmas book haul hopefully, fingers crossed that it happens.

So lets dive in {sigh obviously been watching way too much Paw Patrol} lets start with some good ole Star Wars books because these two girls are going to have a tonne one day so might as well start their collection now. The “Star Wars Block Book” is a must be for any fans, heck all of these books are but this one in particular is something special, it lists all the characters, planets, literally everything in this beautifully visual and put together book. I love going through it with Rey and getting her knowledgeable on all things Star Wars. So I kinda have this insane love for any book that rhymes like its insane, I used to find them so annoying but suddenly they are just so enjoyable to read, so these other two books “Star Wars Obi 123” and “ABC-3P0” are so much fun for me, the writing is so well thought of for each page or thing if you will, I love how they both involve things from every film especially the recent ones. These are such great books especially for big Star Wars fans and are a must. There may also be another one coming soon based on feelings that ties into the Star Wars universe {so getting it}

The next book I have had my eye on for a long time and honestly it has been sitting in my Pinterest forever is “A Fairy Friend” it is a beautiful illustrated story about fairies and how to befriend them. I adore anything by the super talented Claire Keane, her illustrations are so magical and this book is so close to my heart being a Peter Pan lover. If Rey was a wee bit older I would probably get her to make some sort of whimsical fairy house with me but probably wait till she understands the story a little bit more.

The next book “I Am Jellyfish” is a recent find of mine, thanks to the brilliant people I follow on Instagram. I really want to like this book because I was excited about getting it but to be honest, it is just a bit flat and generic in the way of story and the font, well the font type just bothers me. I do love that the cover is glow in the dark! amazing feature, not too sure if the entire book is glow in the dark so will have to check that out. The illustrations are beautiful and Rey kept saying “woah” when I read it to her, the illustrations are pretty immersive so points for that but yeah I am not a huge fan but perhaps it will grow on me.

Now Rey has a massive horse obsession since she started watching the Spirit tv series on Netflix, heck I watch it with her because it is so good! So I wanted to get her a decent horse book so did some research and “Little Pinto and the Wild Horses of Mustang Canyon” popped up. I love how realistic the illustrations are and it really takes me back to some books that I read growing up, I think it is a bit advanced for Rey but she likes looking at the pictures for now. I do love how on the last page it has some facts about wild horses and also a glossary on some horse breeds and terms which makes this a must read book for any horse loving kids.

So I am a huge fan of the film “Rise of The Guardians”, it has Easter and Christmas all in one film and an adorable tooth fairy and the loveable and dare I say cute Jack Frost who reminds me so much of Peter Pan {perhaps that is why I love it so much} but I have watched it countless times and will probably watch it again at Christmas. I did not know that the characters are from books and when I found “The Guardians of Childhood Jack Frost” at a local bookstore I think I might of cried reading it whilst standing in the store. It has been sitting in the cupboard for a while because it is advanced for Rey but I took it out and read it to her one night and I loved it to pieces. There is a guardians oath in the book and I love it so so much, I honestly want all of the other ones. This particular one is all about how Jack Frost became Jack Frost. I don’t want to spoil it for those who want to read this book or have not seen the film but I highly recommend this one.

Every now and again went I enter a bookstore I either will let my impulses run free and buy some books or I will walk out with nothing. “The Bear, the Piano, the Dog and the Fiddle” caught my eye when my impulses were allowed to run free one afternoon. I knew about the first book before this one but it did not catch my attention like this one did, it must be that adorable little dog on it because I mean Rey is a dog lover so my eyes must of just gone to the dog. Enough rambling! but this book, the illustrations are simply gorgeous! so vivid and the depth of them is amazing. This story is beautifully written and is full of suspense. Again do not want to give anything away but you have to read this one! It is really quite special!

I am a huge huge fan of the Belle and Boo books so I was so eager to check out this entirely new book “The Little Dancers Showtime!”, there is no Belle or Boo in this one but it is so adorable by itself! Again perhaps a bit advanced for Rey but I love how it tells the tale of friendship and so many other emotions. Each little character has been beautifully created, each with certain roles to bring to the story. It is such a subtle sweet little book and I am so very glad it is a part of the girls book collection.

Illustrations in children’s book are evolving more and more each day, into vivid, beautiful creations. “Leaf” by none other than the insanely talented Sandra Dieckmann has been in my must buy book list for ages! I am so ashamed I have not gotten it earlier! It is so visually stunning, so much to look at and discover. Rey always picks this one up to read and loves finding all the wild animals especially the wolf, she always howls like a wee wolf. This one is a fine keeper and I am very keen to get her second book soon.

I have been wanting to get Rey a simple book to teach her the Bible for a while but everything on the market just is a bit generic and dated. I wanted something with clear illustrations and something enjoyable for us both. “This Is The Gospel” by Kids Read Truth is everything I wanted and more, it is a modern book that simply tells the most important parts of the Gospel and even has the bonus of added Scripture under each page. I love love love this book and how simply the illustrations are for Rey to follow. This is one of the books she picks regularly to read at night and I love getting her to repeat words such as “Gospel, God, Adam, Eve, Sin, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Family,” we even have started saying a prayer together when she is about to sleep and hearing her little voice say “Dear God” and “Amen” fills my heart with so much proud joy. I highly recommend this book and it would make the perfect gift for those dear to your heart. I believe they may also be releasing a book about the Christmas Story maybe?

Speaking of hearts, the next book is all about that. “The Heart of A Whale” is a beautifully illustrated and is a simple wee book about finding love, this poor lonely whale sings this song and when no-one replies back he gets sad until his song finds another whale who travels to him and he finally is not alone. It is super cute and I do recommend it but the story does seem a bit too simple to me but I do love the illustrations.

This last book is honestly not what I was expecting, “Julian Is A Mermaid” is entirely different to what I thought it would be about, in saying that I do still like what it is all about but I dislike the fact that is actually has little to no words in it and is purely illustrations. I wish I had known this before I purchased it because I went to read it to my daughter and I was like well there is not any words to actually read. Perhaps it is just a shock for me and this is the new craze for picture books and perhaps it will grow on me. I really did think that he became a mermaid guys but I still recommend this book and everything it brings because it is an important topic for young children to learn about. Hell I may even be reading this book entirely wrong! if so my bad! but again buy this book because it is beautiful.

Well anyway that is the end of this book haul and I do hope you find a new lovely book to read with your littles. I hope I can do one of these again and perhaps even master this whole review game because it is not my forte, and neither is taking pictures of books for that matter. But thanks for sticking with me and supporting this little side journey.


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