Little Cashew | Six Month Update

I have been putting off writing this blog post, not because I am lazy or have nothing to write. I think I have been putting it off because the events that happened over the weekend have thrown me into an anxious pit.

On Saturday I was eager to just have a nice day out with a close friend, just to have a bit of a break so we decided to get some formula for Zoey to have because I barely had any expressed breastmilk in the freezer. In the minutes that she drank the formula she did a huge vomit which according to Benjamin went everywhere and she than broke out in a nasty rash all over her body which by the time I got home became welts. The minute I got in the door she did another massive vomit and did not look happy, then her lips and tongue went blue and it was at this point we decided to race to emergency. I honestly wish we acted sooner because that car ride was long in our minds (it was only five minutes or something like that) but the situation could of been so much more dire and my mama heart is just in a deepened sadness thinking of what could of happened. They got her into emergency immediately and they gave her some steroids to help with the rash, checked her tongue for any swelling and then we had to stay for several hours so they could keep a close eye on her. I am so so thankful that we had my friend staying to watch Rey because I think having Rey in emergency would of been insanely stressful for her and us.

We were there for a few hours and slowly her rash started going away and she starting to look much more happier by each passing hour, she was cooing and squealing away by the time we got told to go home. The doctors say that she had an allergic reaction to the formula, which was a cow’s milk based one, funnily enough it was the same formula we used with Rey so we did not even expect this to happen. Zoey has her six month needles this week so I am eager to see what our next steps are with this because it is all so new to me. I am just so thankful that she is okay and despite being super backed up, she is her usual happy self again. She is getting extra cuddles and kisses from both of us and I never ever want to see either of my babes in hospital again.

So venturing back to the usual six month milestones, Zoey has entered into the world of solids this month, we have been giving her the usual pureed baby pouches that we gave Rey, mostly the fruit and veg ones because “hello wee vegan baby”. Zoey gets so so excited when she sees me in the kitchen, she watches me like a hawk while I am preparing her food and once she spots me she excitedly rocks back and forth in anticipation. In the past few weeks I have seen her swallowing and tongue skills progress so much, when we started her on solids that tongue reflex would just push everything back out again which was messy af but now she swallows her food brilliantly and even bites down on the spoon! (teething yayy) I am keen to start her on the baby led weaning journey and hopefully she is not allergic to anything else because I would not cope if anything bad happens again. We are still breastfeeding but I suspect that she is teething more so than last month because now she tugs and bites which is so not in my favour and my poor nips are in agony, the pain is so different to those first few days of starting to breastfeed, it is a much more deeper pain and I just hope it heals because each feed is just so painful for me.

Zoey is still co sleeping with me in the bed and after we get back from a little family trip we will be attempting to sleep train her in the crib. Her crib is in our bedroom at the moment, I really want to start letting her have her day naps in there but it is so bloody bright that I am afraid that she will just wake up immediately. I love and hate that she still has her naps in my arms, yes I want to do things but then I look down and see her sweet face and how content she is, I am like “kid, you can sleep in my arms forever”. I honestly do not remember how to sleep train and am half considering hiring a sleep consultant just so it is laid out for me, hell I do not even know Zoey’s actual sleep schedule because life with two kids is way different than just one and my attention is divided. I do know that Zoey will benefit greatly from a bedtime routine because right now she does not have one because I am so unsure how to juggle two kids at bedtime and half the time we actually want to do it Zoey is already overtired and grumpy. Sometimes she does sleep in four hour blocks at night with one or two feeds and than other times she is up every two hours or something which is hellish. She has recently started rolling over in her sleep which is highly not fun, she sleeps on her stomach for a little bit but the paranoid mother I am does not let her do it for too long because our mattress is not very hard. I do not know which positions she actually likes sleeping in so I usually place her on her side when putting her to bed but she does tend to roll onto her back and just stretch her limbs all over the place. She does this insanely adorable thing when she wakes, once she has noticed me asleep or have my eyes closed she kicks me which her tiny feet or wacks me with her hand. I say it’s adorable in the lightest of terms.

As for milestones, Zoey is working on mastering sitting up by herself, if she leans too far in one direction she falls over and probably will faceplant. She loves grabbing things nearby and if she spies something she fancies she will try to get to it one way or another. Speaking of getting places, she rolls everywhere these days, she has not crawled in a straight line yet haha she much rather prefers to just roll about, but oddly enough she can turn in a circle if she chooses. Zoey is extremely vocal these days, she adores squealing and cooing all over the place, her baby babble is so adorable and I have to wonder what her first word will be. She loves watching her sister be wild all over the place and has the sweetest smiles for Dakota which of course I love, the other day she grabbed onto her fur and looked at me with the most innocent face every that looked like she was questioning me if this was alright, poor Dakota did not think it was much fun though. Some of Zoey’s favourite things at the moment would be her new found ability to thrash toys around and than throw them, she likes watching the tv (yayy..) and she simply adores bath time although not when her eager sister decides to splash water on her face.

As for me, it has been six months since my repeat c-section and I am finally starting to feel back to my pre pregnancy self, I am still not at my desired weight goal but slowly working towards it. I have started to work out again when I find the time which is barely anything because when I do Phoebe thinks it is funny to jump on me or crawl under me which is so not ideal. I will admit I am loving my arse at the moment haha! to put it any bluntly, it is so much more toned than it was a few months back and I am gaining confidence in my body once again which makes me feel so much more happier about things. It is still a long journey to go on and I hope I can reach my goals soon. My c-section scar has healed nicely although it does still hurt every now and again if I do push my body to hard during a workout. I have started to hire books from the library again, I rarely find time to read and most of it happens while Zoey is asleep in my arms but it feels so good to be able to escape reality for a little bit and dwell in the land of books once again, I keep hiring more books than I can actually keep up with and keep putting myself in a deep pile of deadlines on these hired goods. I also bought some watercolour paints and every blue moon I dabble in the arts for a little bit which is like half an hour of just creative freedom. It all just feels good and I am glad I am getting back into touch with myself and what I love.

Well that is it really, I am already planning Zoey’s first birthday and am excited for how that will turn out because once Christmas is over the first few months of the year just fly by so I would like to be more prepared this time around.

Hope you enjoyed this wee update guys and thank you so much for the love & support


Sydney Vegan Markets

we finally decided to conquer the Sydney Vegan Markets this month and we both were so excited to feast on some decent vegan goodies. We set off bloody early in the morning to get there on time and thankfully it did not take long to find a carpark. The kids behaved on the trip down, I think from memory Zoey just slept but Phoebe did not but I think I just blanked her out because I was keen to actually get some reading done. 

we got there and made our way to the markets, we got there pretty early actually so it was not too busy when we started looking at stalls. So many dogs, so many adorable fricken dogs around though. {certainly a highlight}. we did a lap and started drooling over everything that caught our eye, kombucha, doughnuts and burgers pretty much outweighed the rest. Then we discovered that standing in the line with a two year out who has not napped is pretty much hell, we gave up on trying so much good stuff because Phoebe did not want to be stationary at all, she just wanted to walk everywhere but there was so many people that there was no way I was going to let her leave my side for a second. We got a burger each and just wolfed it down in no time and then Ben waited in line for 20 minutes for some vegan mac and cheese which was soo good! but the whole time I had to try and keep Phoebe entertained and nearby while Zoey slept. Oh it is so difficult to be strict but not look like that crazy mum or not be judged, I mangaed to get Phoebe distracted with the camera, her shoes, swinging her and so many things but thank God she behaved for me or else. I think we almost called it quits too but thank God we went a second time because we got some more burgers, some doughnuts and even a cookie sambo which was nice.

Next time we will probably ditch Rey just because it was a bit too much and our focus was on keeping her contained lol! Zoey just slept majority thank God until we had to leave. All in all it was a good day out instead of being inside and cannot wait for next month for sure. 

{outfit - rylee and cru jumper + bamlovesboo leggings}


Birthday Weekend | Secret Creek Cafe & Taronga Zoo

Over the weekend we celebrated our five year anniversary and also my 29th birthday. I had been looking forward to this weekend for months once I decided on taking the kiddos to the zoo! I was so excited for Rey to see some animals and I even got her some flash cards (Two Little Ducklings) to prepare her for them, so she had some basic knowledge which was so much fun to have some bonding time with her each day. She loved learning new words and new things, I will have to get more for her because her vocab is just so impressive for a two year old. 

On the friday (our anniversary) we wanted to do something during the day (ben and I got to venture out for dinner to our favourite mountains location and it was a lovely little hour and a bit to ourselves, it was nice to have an adult conversation and we had a great time chatting about our young just married selves) we honestly woke up wanting to do something but we did not have a plan at all. We had not had breakfast yet so we decided to venture to Lithgow to see some animals (can you tell we love animals over here) and also get some superb food! Being vegans our options were limited but there was one place we had to mind that we actually went to on our honeymoon five years ago! Secret Creek Cafe in Lithgow is a hidden little beauty of a spot, with amazing grub but an even amazing little space filled with some Aussie animals. It is a vegan cafe but also a wildlife sanctuary which ticked all the right boxes with us. I remember we went here on our honeymoon, two young wee just married babes and honestly thought we had driven into a random backyard but it has changed so much then! I may of gotten more excited when I spotted dingo's than my two year old. 

Thankfully the kids behaved on the trip but Phoebe did not nap at all. We got their and spotted a few animals but headed straight inside because we all needed some food. The inside was so warm and cosy as the sun filtered through the windows. Phoebe spotted some cake and that is pretty much all she wanted annnnd we did not want tantrums so cake she had! {yasss parenting}. Benjamin ordered the "chicken" burger, while I got some chips to share with Rey and the "KFC" which was fricken delicious! honestly why did we not order more food!! We ventured outside to take a look at some more animals and we headed home. We had a lovely little morning out that way and will certainly we going there again soon because guys, the food was just to die for! 

The next day we had a zoo day planned and I was so excited that I was stressed, stressed for the morning to be tantrum free and just relaxed but it was anything but that. typical two year olds ugh! We got into the car and things settled down a bit while Zoey slept and we all just chilled out, Phoebe did not nap again at all, all the way from the Blue Mountains to Taronga Zoo. We picked the busiest fricken day ever! It was my birthday so I wanted to take advantage of those $1 birthday tickets ya'll! but there was some festival, religious thing on so the zoo was packed. Like the worst kind of packed. We missed out on the seal show which I was keen for but while everyone was there we hauled ass to the new tiger trek section! I was so excited but the damn droll weather made the tigers sleepy and they were all just resting somewhere, we found two but they were far away! I wanted to go back so bad towards the end of the day but the line was just not ideal at all.

We got to see the bird show which was on my list, Phoebe got a stuffed tiger toy which she was cuddling and literally fell in love with, she was flying it like a bird at the bird show which made my heart weep out-loud. Zoey was fighting her nap but being her usual self which was fine for now. We walked around for a bit more and then had some lunch, it was difficult finding the perfect spot to breastfeed because of all the people and then when I went to breastfeed Zoey was distracted annd super tired so she fell asleep. At this point Phoebe was tired as hell, I mean getting to the point of tantrum city but she held on a bit longer and we put her in the pram to rest a bit hoping she would fall alseep. She did not haha! But she saw the giraffes and elephants and was a little weary around the seals but she adored the fast fairy penguins! It was a day filled with precious little memories and I am so glad we went and it was just a lovely little family outing. Hope we can do more things like this in the future with the girls and just go out and relax a little instead of all being cooped up inside all the time. Think the fresh air did us all good but we all got home exhausted. Hell I think we adults needed a day to recover from it all. 

now the planning starts for Zoey's first birthday, Phoebe's third birthday and my 30th! unsure what to do for it, certainly want to do something that is fun for memories and relaxing so we can ditch the kids for some down time. I am more excited about Phoebe's party than Zoey's, just because perhaps Phoebe's is more affordable? meh it all just kills me organising it and planning everything. Hopefully I do not have to plan everything for my 30th. wink wink people! but I originally wanted to do Disneyland for my 30th but realistically that is so not going to happen, I would like it too but maybe when the girls are a bit older like in two years or something? ugh but I wish it so could, it would be so much fun and then going to the Harry Potter theme park also would be sooo good! sigh. And then I was thinking perhaps Hawaii, the Disney resort could be ideal for family time and relaxing on the beach etc, I mean you have the location were they shot Jurassic Park which could be awesome and just all the other amazing attractions and then NZ or Tasmania for some scenic goodness and skiing perhaps! And then the other night I thought it would be cool to go to Melb on my birthday and see the HP Cursed Child play but husband is not a huge fan so I would just be going to that, and then I don't even know what is actually in Melb to do really. Ugh so many options and I feel like I have limited time to even plan something because of the girls parties I have to plan and saving money. Someone just sail me off to Scotland please because that is probably also highly on my list. Anyway hopefully it can all come together some how. But it is insane how there is only like four months left of 2018...time flies when your having fun. 

But hope you enjoyed this post and our adventures!